Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why I love sports

The Beckhams are coming! The Beckhams are coming!

OK, so David is a lot more interesting to most people than his wife (Posh Spice) and any kids they might have. And many people want to know: can he raise MLS to a major league sport in the US? Is this the superstar needed to bring in the fans? Because it's going to take a lot of fans in a lot of seats to pay off his $250 million contract. Can he do it.

My thoughts: Yes. Yes, he can. Because the one thing America can never have too many of, is hot athletes.

It would be fine with me if the local MLS team signed some similar players. How about Fabio Cannavaro? Cristiano Ronaldo? Why should Europe get all the hot--I mean, very talented--soccer guys? We would even call it football for you, except we've already got Tom Brady.

(Yeah, Indianapolis, you can keep Peyton. We're all set here in New England, thanks)

So which athletes do you like to watch? Purely for their talent, of course.


Ann Christopher said...

Not a big sports fan, Caroline. I mostly sit around and sigh, remembering those glorious days when MJ (that's Michael Jordan) still played for the Bulls.

Can I just ask: what's up with Snooty Spice? What on EARTH has she got to be so pissed off about? Does she EVER smile? Maybe if she ate a cookie every now and then...


Caroline Linden said...

EVERYONE is happier if they eat a cookie now and then, Ann.

I am not a big soccer fan, either, I just like that photo.

Sally MacKenzie said...

I just spend my time on pool decks, watching almost naked teenaged boys. And since I'm I mom, I mostly want to tell them to pull up their pants. Those fastskin--probably a brand name--racing suits, jammer version, give the boys the plumbers' crack look.

Oh, and I want to tell the teenaged girls to leave my teenaged son alone!

Eve Silver said...

Hmmm...I'm not a sports fan at all, although I do like going to basketball games every once in a while. Just don't ask me any of the players' names, the rules, or any of that stuff. I just like to scream when everyone else screams, LOL!

As to Becks...well, they'd probably make the $250 million easy if he plays without a shirt. And all the stadium seats would be filled by women...