Thursday, March 15, 2007

But do you love kid sports?

Since Caroline brought up sports....

My "baby" is a high school senior, so we are doing the last round of kid sports. I have four athletically-inclined sons--I've done a lot of sports over the last 18 or 19 years. (And I do mean "I," since I'm the driver, equipment purchaser, and icky clothing washer.) Soccer, basketball, flag football (only because I forgot to sign the kid up for soccer), baseball, swimming, cross country, track--I think that's it. The oldest is now a professional triathlete--he's moved out, but not before managing to get bike grease on the new carpet.

We used to do multiple sports with multiple kids, but now we're down to "only" swimming--though after a weekend of trials and finals, dragging to the pool by 6:30 am, coming back at 4:30 pm, and leaving at 9 pm I feel like an amnesia victim. Huge chunks of my life are gone.

So, have any favorite kid sports? Found a particularly good way to manage the mayhem? And what do you think about those over involved parents--the ones who are shouting their heads off, yelling at their kids and the ref, embarrassing everyone around them?


Caroline Linden said...

So far I've only had to endure soccer and Little League. Little League is scary because they hand out aluminum bats to 7 yr olds. Little League is funny because any ball put in play has the potential to be a home run, even if it doesn't leave the infield. Soccer always seems to be played in the rain; in the mud; or in a windstorm. I can do without it. Why can't one of my kids choose an indoor sport, like ice skating or gymnastics?

Oh, and the parents who yell at the ref and at their kid and at all the other kids? They should be locked in the batting cage with the 7 yr olds and their aluminum bats.

Ann Christopher said...

Soccer is fun. I like to watch the kids yakking on the sidelines, totally ignoring the game on the field. Usually they're wondering who brought what for the post-game snack. The soccer ball only rarely makes it into a net, alas.


Sally MacKenzie said...

Just got back from a swim meet. The kid swam the 1,000 yard freestyle. Yes, that's 40 lengths of the pool. I had to time and fill out a sheet with his splits, so I couldn't send him the "mother vibes" I usually do. Sigh.

Caroline, I hated baseball because someone--certainly a dad--decided two games a week was a good idea. Of course, the dad in this house was never home at the appropriate time, so guess who got to drag all the kiddies out at dinner time. And as to soccer and mud--I was the goalie's mom. I think I once had him sit on a plastic bag in the car with his feet in a box.

Ann, I guarantee if your kid stays with soccer, the ball will go into the net and the snacks will not be quite so important.