Sunday, March 04, 2007


Being a writer, and a gabber, I'm rarely at a loss for words. Recently, though, the unexpected happened: I didn't know what to say when someone I'd known for quite a long time and hadn't seen in a while, who just found out I'd written a book, said, as she looked at the bookmark I gave her with the cover on it, "Ooooh-so you write those kinds of books."

I stumbled-and it took me a moment, but I recovered. I put on the look I use when trying to catch my kids weasle out of something, (eyes stretched wide open, lashes batting) and said, "What kind of books, exactly?"

It's quite funny, really-the reaction romance novels have on the general, non-reading of romances public. They're either thought of as a "naughty little secret", or, well, one of those kinds of books.

I was more taken aback by this particular person than anything. For all those writers out there, have you had this question posed to you, and if so, what was your response?


Eve Silver said...

Cindy, I might be at a loss for words if this actually happened to me! But I hope I'd have the presence of mind to make an intelligent response. I suppose the best thing to do would be turn the question back on the questioner, ask if they read romance...ask what they DO read if they say no...I think people sometimes say things like that without realizing how truly offensive their opinionated statement can be.

Cindy Miles said...

I think you're absolutely right, Eve, and that's a great response, too. Of course, I always think of the best things to say hours after it's already happened! Lol!

Thanks for the post!

Sally MacKenzie said...

I think I've just sort of laughed it off. I figure they don't mean to be insulting--they probably don't even realize they have been. So...I choose not be insulted. As I keep telling myself, I can't control what other people think, but I can control my reaction. Doesn't always work, but when it does, it helps keep my blood pressure down.

Cindy Miles said...

Great advice, Sally! And I like keeping the BP down! :)

Thanks for the post!