Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring has Sprung!!

Hallelujah--spring is here at last!!!!!! I'm one of those people who *hates* winter. I absolutely despise everything about it, and since I live in the northeast, I'm forced to suffer through several long months of it (I grew up in the southeast, and even though I've lived up here more than a decade, I don't think I'll *ever* come to appreciate true winter weather). In fact, I'm fairly certain that I suffer from S.A.D.--seasonal affective disorder. All winter long, I feel as if I'm in a funk. But as soon as the warm weather hits and the leaves begin to bud on the trees, I feel as if a veil has been lifted, and my overall mood improves a hundred fold.

We always spend a week in Miami Beach at the beginning of spring, and I look forward to it every year--sort of puts spring in motion for me. We always celebrate my youngest daughter's birthday there, and even though she's only turning six this year, she's already got her favorite trendy South Beach restaurants in which to celebrate. There's something about Miami Beach--the sun, the sand, the archtitecture, the pastel's like the polar opposite of New York City (where we live).

Anyone else as excited about spring's arrival as I am? Any other S.A.D. sufferers, and if so, any tips of getting through it?


Jennifer said...

I love spring too, and celebrate every year the death of winter. I use one of those light box things to get me through the horrible months of January and February, and it seems to help. Spring makes me want to run down the street smelling every flower, and I do a little happy dance when the cherry blossoms bloom.

meardaba said...

I think I am too, though I've never done anything about it. I've heard that if you have a UV lamp it can make your life a lot easier during the bleak winter months.

I found that while I was living on the east coast it wasn't so bad, because we'd have ridiculously cold snaps but the sun would be blazing, but while I was on the west coast (where I grew up) it was gray all winter, and though not as cold, much more depressing. Now I'm living in a very wet/gray part of Germany, and I find myself having a hard time getting out of bed again.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Add me to the list of folks who hate winter and celebrate the return of spring--only a lot of the time I'm celebrating with tissues. Pollen makes me sneeze. It's SO unfair.

Kristina Cook said...

I definitely need to get one of those UV lamps for my office. Can't hurt, that's for sure!