Sunday, March 18, 2007


Heroes. The come in all shapes and sizes. Some are the big, buff type (see Herman Munster), some are the sweet, sensitive, funny type (see Gilligan), and some are the stoic, intense, swarthy type (see Duncan MacLeod). While all are vastly different, they all certainly hold appeal for someone. Granted, most would go for the swarthy Duncan, but Gilligan's charm and humor surely won my vote as to "who I'd marry out of all the guys from the S. S. Minnow" (I was younger then). And there was something about those groovy white sailor's britches. :) And Herman? Well...he could swing that big foot and kick a solid wood door down, not to mention he had the best laugh ever! Is there a non-typical hero-type you like? I confess-I'd love to have Herman/Gilligan/Duncan all rolled into one!

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