Saturday, March 24, 2007


My name is Wendy and I'm a Listaholic. Yup. I make lists about EVERYTHING. Just got back from a few days away and it took many lists to accomplish the mini holiday.

- a list of what clothes to pack
- a list of the food to bring
- a list of what we'd do on Vancouver Island
- a list of restaurants to try.

And, yes, I'm aware that I just made a list of my lists. It's a sickness. I just feel that I can't get a thing accomplished if it's not on my list. My list for today?

- write this blog
- take the kids to see The Last Mimzy
- get caught up on all the laundry created from our time away
- tweak the synopsis for book 2
- touch up chapter 4

So tell me, are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person or do you write lists too?


meardaba said...

The seat of my pants are very well worn, thankyouverymuch. I make lists too, but I never heed them. It's also a sickness.

Sally MacKenzie said...

I seem to be a seat of my pants writer, but in real life I'm very much into lists. Maybe it comes from having four sons and 4 times the kid activities to get to. Or perhaps I "caught" the disease--my mom was a list writer, too.

I have my Friday's list right here--I think I did 6 of the 8 items on it. Though only 5 are numbered--then I used that piece of paper to jot down 3 more things, but just in the margin. Does that make me more of a hybrid list maker?

Eve Silver said...

I'm a total list girl. Even when I know exactly what needs to be done, I write it down anyway.

Take this weekend. Every weekend we do laundry, grocery shopping, cook and freeze for the week... every weekend. And I write the list anyway, LOL!

Wendy Roberts said...

Meardaba, do you find you actually accomplish more than the things on your list? My sister will write a list, put it aside and at the end of the day she's done it all _plus_.

Sally LOL at hybrid list maker!

Eve, I write down all the stuff I do ALL the time too *sigh* And it makes me really uncomfortable if I try and leave that stuff off my list ha ha.

Kristina Cook said...

I'm a list maker, too. I have a dry erase board in my kitchen, and if I didn't list everything that needed to get done every single day, *nothing* would get done. I drive myself nuts.

meardaba said...

No, I'm lucky if I get a few things done on my list. I just can't seem to make lists work for me.

Lois said...

Alas, I seem to be a person who it depends on what I'm doing. Some situations need lists and others don't. . . unless those other situations are simplyt imes I forget to write stuff down that I need in a list and don't. . . LOL :)


jackietoo said...

I get lots more done when I make lists. Even if it's something that it is really a no-brainer.