Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Things You Might Not Expect To Find in The Naked Earl, But Will

I feel pretty safe making this list today because Sally should be several hundred miles away from me by now, as she continues her road-trip college and conference tour.

Anyway, in honor of Ann and Wendy and their sick little "organization" compulsions...and also because I have been working feverishly on a book and haven't thought of anything else to blog about...and because I managed to talk Sally into letting me read this book a few weeks ago, while the rest of you lucky readers can only get it now...I offer the following list, color-coded for Ann:

1. A Very Virile Butler
2. Whips and Chains and Manacles, Oh My!
3. A Young Lady Engaged in Tipsy Self-Discovery
4. X-Rated Shrubbery
5. Naked People Everywhere
6. Botanists in Love
7. Hell Freezing Solid (so we are told)
8. A Desperate Duchess
9. Stage Fright...so to speak
10. The Ruins of A Windswept Castle (Eve, you should be so proud of Sally! It has a dungeon and everything!)

What are you waiting for? Go forth and read!


Eve Silver said...

I'm in deadline hell, but I'm dying to read His Nakedness!!! So I'd better finish this book earlyu so I can grab Sally's The Naked Earl from the top of the pile.

Ann Christopher said...

Are you being snarky about the whole organization obsession thing, Caroline? I detect a little snark.

Is the actual book color-coded also?

Sally, sounds like it'll be another great addition to the NAKED series. Can't wait to read it!


Lois said...

Ooh, I love it!! Alas, it's going to take me a couple weeks until I can make it to the bookstore, so I'll try from thinking of the butler, the shrubs, all the naked people, and castles and dungeons and the like. :) But I bet it'll go really fast, especially with all the books looking at me that I still have to read! LOL


Caroline Linden said...

Sorry, Ann, the book is not color-coded. I want to see if you can crack my code, heh heh.

Lois and Eve, you have a treat in store! It's a very funny book.