Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kristina's Top-Ten "Eye Candy"

I'm going to be totally shallow today, and post about my favorite "eye candy"--as in, hunky guys. I know, pathetic, right?! I admit, I'm a very visual person, and I *like* to look at men that intrigue me with their looks--they don't have to be classically handsome; sometimes it's their personality--or perceived personality--that attracts me. But you should see my screensaver--a slideshow of all my favorite eye candy. My husband is very indulgent, and luckily, he's never complained. Sometimes I wonder how I'd feel if *his* screensaver was a slideslow of gorgeous women....nah, let's not go there. Okay, without further adieu....

1. Colin Firth. Who could resist Mr. Darcy?! He's simply adorable--charming and endearing. A British accent is always a plus.

2. Colin Farrell. This one's easy. Say what you may about him, but he's an amazing actor (anyone see Phone Booth? Or Tigerland? Or A Home at the End of the World?). He's devilishly handsome, to-die-for charming, and then there's that Irish brogue...

3. Hayden Christensen. Okay, I know he's young. Very young. I'm old enough to have been his babysitter. But hey, he's cute. Really cute, in a boyishly sexy, mysterious way. Even if you hated the new Star Wars movies (it's not Hayden's fault--the dialogue was just *bad*!), you have to admit he's nice to look at.

4. Ryan Gosling. Another young 'un. Another fabulously talented one (if you haven't seen The Believer or Half Nelson, you have no idea just how talented he is!). I was *so* proud of his Oscar nomination this year!!! There's just something about his eyes....

5. Hugh Dancy. Not as young as he looks! I wonder how many young moms out there discovered him in Ella Enchanted? I know I did--he made watching it over and over and over again with my daughters a pleasure! He's just gorgeous--almost *too* gorgeous. He was great as Essex in Elizabeth I, and astounding on Broadway in Journey's End. I predict that he is a star on the rise.

6. Tony Stewart. "Who?", you're asking, unless you happen to be a fan of NASCAR (or married to a fan of NASCAR!). He's the reformed 'bad boy' of racing--much like the reformed rake of romance. Not everyone's cup of tea, I know, but he does it for me. Maybe it's his talent combined with his intensity--I don't know.

7. Richard Armitage. If you haven't seen the BBC miniseries North and South (based on the Elizabeth Gaskell novel), you are *seriously* missing out. This guy can brood. I heard that after the miniseries first aired, some website devoted to him crashed from everyone and their long lost sister logging on at once. He's definitely worthy of such devotion! Oh, and there's the British accent thing again.

8. Edward Norton. I call him the 'thinking woman's eye-candy.' It's something beyond his looks--maybe the fact that he's smart, a Yale graduate. Or that he's just so frighteningly talented, always playing these super-intense characters. Whatever it is, I like it!

9. A three-way-TV-tie: John Krasinski (Jim Halpert on The Office), Josh Holloway (Sawyer on LOST), and Matthew Fox (Jack on LOST). Okay, so I couldn't seem to limit myself to ten--so sue me. But these three sure make TV-land a better place!

10. And I saved the best for husband! I think he's very hunky, and he gets better by the year! He's smart, funny, and a terrific husband and father--what could be better?! Plus, he puts up with me and all my neuroses, and doesn't mind my celebrity ogling. A true keeper!

And since I couldn't seem to get the pics in the right places, from top to bottom, they are: Hayden Christensen, Richard Armitage, Ryan Gosling, Colin Farrell, and Tony Stewart.

Now tell me, who are *your* top ten???


Lois said...

I don't think I have 10, but let's see. . .

Sean Connery
Pierce Brosnan
David Duchovny
COlin Firth
Ewan McGregor
Michael Rosenbaum
and Gerard Butler, but I'm really more of a fan of his Phantom.

Yeah, that looks about it, so I come in a little less than 10. :)


Kristina Cook said...

All good choices, Lois!! I'm particuarly with you on Sean Connery and Ewan McGregor! Ooh, and I'd add Daniel Craig, too. See, I just can't stop anywhere *near* 10!

jackietoo said...

Richard Armitage stars as Sir Guy of Gisborne in the new BBC series, Robin Hood. It will air on BBC America beginning on March 3.

He plays a villain but since we're just looking at him that won't matter, right?

BTW, if this posts twice, please excuse :D I'm pretty sure that the first try got eaten by the cyber-demons :Þ

Caroline Linden said...

A NEW ROBIN HOOD!!!! *falls over*

Whee! Thanks, jackietoo! I love Robin Hood. And looking at Richard Armitage.

And I see Kristina, as usual, forgot my own favorite hottie: Joseph Fiennes. Tony Stewart? What is up with that, Kristina?

Kristina Cook said...

Hey, what's wrong with Tony Stewart?! I actually have a life-size cardboard standee thingie of Tony in my office!

As to the new Robin Hood, yep, it's finally going to air on BBC America this month! I swear, before we heard that, a friend and I were actually looking into buying a region-free DVD player and ordering the DVD's from England! We were getting desperate! Anyway, there's TONS of clips on YouTube already. Richard Armitage looks like a YUMMY villain. I can't WAIT!!

Lois said...

Alas, I still haven't seen Casino Royale, so I don't have an opinion yet on Daniel Craig -- but I saw that I think the DVD's coming out this month on the 13th. So hopefully I can get it soon after it comes out. I've seen all the Bond movies, but only really like the ones starting with Timothy Dalton on (and have all of PB's except World is NOt Enough. Apparently I missed the DVD on that one. Sigh.) :)