Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yeah. Right.

So apparently, this restaurant in London is offering free food to models. (Read complete story here.)

Um. Can I say I'm just not blown away by their generosity?

First of all, skinny models don't eat diddly. So it's not as if the restaurant is going to be giving away any great donation.

Secondly, if models wanted to eat, they'd eat. Hell-o!

And third, which is the part that grinds my butt the most, is: if they want to give away free food, why the heck don't they give it to people who can't afford it? Like, say, the homeless?

I'm sorry, but I'm ticked. This restaurant is using the whole skinny-model scandal to try and create a PR moment, which I generally have no problem with--but for crying out loud....why not do some good if you're going to donate things?

It's like offering ice to eskimos. Only tackier.


Wendy Roberts said...

Colleen, you are so right! What are they thinking? Why not do something like offer to donate the cost of those model meals to a homeless shelter? That way they could do something _real_ with their pr stunt and still have the, well, stunt side of things.

Hmmm. Instead of donating books to libraries like I usually do, maybe this year I'll donate books to all those who just don't have _time_ to read (g)

meardaba said...

I agree, it's stupid.

Then again, if they used this to bring attention the issues surrounding these women - namely eating disorders - I wouldn't have a problem with it at all. Sure you can say that they could eat if they wanted to, but sometimes they can't. Not only are most of these women not physically healthy, they're not mentally healthy either. Ever seen America's Next Top Model? My point is made.

If people are willing to talk about it, then things start to change.

Caroline Linden said...

Hear, hear.

If they want to attack the skinny-model 'scandal' they should go after the designers who only hire stick people to wear their clothing. Offer a prize to anyone who shows a collection with models who are all size 4 or above. Maybe some of those girls will start putting a dab of dressing on their lettuce if they can still get paid to model.

Colleen Gleason said...

Meardaba, you are right! Good point, and thank you for making it.

I wonder if the restaurant will take that stance....maybe I missed it in my cynical approach. :-)