Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just About Sex

My first book for Harlequin/Kimani Press, Just About Sex, debuts March 1st. JAS is the story of Dr. Simone Beaupre, a sex therapist and columnist, who runs afoul of attorney Alex Greene when she prints a letter sent in by his disgruntled ex. Greene demands an apology, and when Simone refuses, he sets out to teach her a little lesson. Naturally they fall in love.

I had lots of fun writing JAS, and especially thinking about sex therapists and how they’d help couples improve their relationships. Which got me to thinking, and this is the topic for the day: what one question would you pose to a relationship expert if you had the chance? I’ll start, so here goes: is it true men only hear every third word their wives say? Or is it that they only hear the verbs and not the nouns?

What about you? What relationship question have you always wanted to ask an expert?


Wendy Roberts said...

Great cover!

Hmmm. I'd probably ask an expert how to raise my 3 boys so that they're caring men and good husbands down the road.

meardaba said...

I'd like to know why they never bothered to ask women! This article certainly got my goat:,0,1844046.story?coll=chi-news-hed

I mean...really? They just happened to forget to ask women and test their theories? What are we, chopped liver?

Wendy said...

Better Sex

Love the article. You should be one of our product reviewers. If you are interested shoot me an email at

Have a great day.