Monday, February 19, 2007

Puffickly Ha-YOOOGE Inspiration

Most writers have an inspiration in some form that they reflect on. Keeps them going, at times, or makes them strive for something higher in the long run. I have a few, but one of my biggest inspirations is the writings of Stephen King. He is, to me, a puffickly ha-yooge master of his craft. PUFFICKLY HA-YOOGE belongs to Mr. King, and it's one of my favorite phrases in the latest of his books that I'm reading, LISEY'S STORY. If you're a King fan and you haven't read it yet, go for it. It's fantastic-enough that, without REALLY being blunt with his horror, he can, hours later, even (IF you like this sort of stuff!), creep you out! You may not even know you're BEING creeped out until it's already happened. For me-NINE days away from my deadline, I probably shouldn't be reading the darn thing. I'll read a chapter, go to sleep, and then WHACK-it has me tossing and turning and FREAKING OUT! Lol!

Who's your inspiration? And if you're a reader, is there that one particular author who just really does it for you, in a Puffickly Ha-Yooge way?

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