Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Extrovert or Introvert?

Many, many years ago, I took the Myers-Briggs personality test. It indicated, among other things, that I'm an introvert. I tell people this and they don't believe me. Even my husband doesn't believe it. (Well, he is probably more introverted than I am.)

It's true that I can pretend to be outgoing. With four sons, I haven't had the luxury of hiding in my cave. I've run the swim team and the cub scouts. I'm not afraid of a microphone, and I can stand up in front of a crowd and give a speech if I have to. I even enjoy it, sort of. But it's a stretch for me.

Take conferences, for example. I like meeting new people, but I can only take so much of it. I'm not good with names for one thing, and there always seems to be that moment when I insert my foot in my mouth and chew vigorously all the way up to my kneecap.

Actually, I think my life goes in cycles. There are times when I have to get out there. (This is one--my next book, The Naked Earl, comes out April 3, so I've been working on online interviews and other promotion.) But then I'm eager to retreat from the world--even from the Internet. I curl up on my living room loveseat, my laptop--purposely sans Internet card--on my lap, look out the picture window at the park and the people walking by, and leave reality, getting into my character's heads and hearts.

What about you? Extrovert or introvert? And what do you think marks the difference?


meardaba said...

I'm definitely a lime-light hogging, attention whoring extrovert. My siblings hate me for it.

Actually, I go a bit strange if I don't speak to at least one person per 24 hours. Word to the wise: don't be the first person I see after a long flight/trip.

Sally MacKenzie said...

LOL, meardaba--I'm warned!! I can get wound up occasionally and chatter away...just ask my husband.

And maybe I'd go a bit strange if I didn't speak to anyone for 24 hours. Hmmm...since I've lived with only males for so many years, I've taken it upon myself to fill the silence. They don't always feel a need to talk--especially my sons when they hit puberty!

Ann Christopher said...

Sally, I took the M-B, too, and discovered I'm a borderline hermit. But, like you, I can pretend to be an extrovert for short (very short!) periods of time...


Lois said...

Ah, google just wiped out my comments. Pooh. Anyway, trying again --- I'm definitely an introvert. I'm still an introvert online too. LOL But I guess I'm less so with people I really know, or just after a while, once I can get going type of thing. :)


Sally MacKenzie said...

Lois, I agree about being an introvert online. If I've posted on more than a blog or two in one day--or come too far out of my shell--I have to go hide from the 'net for a while. I guess I feel too exposed, LOL.

And blogger eats my comments regularly...maybe that's a good thing!!

Sally MacKenzie said...

Ann, I've heard there are writers who are extroverts. Not sure I've met one though. Love the hermit comment.