Monday, February 12, 2007


I think it's fun to find out the wide-spread interests of writers and readers. Some people chronically read the same type of books, same genre, same sub-genre. Others (like me!) have a severely wide arc of reading interests.
Note the photo: that's my nightstand. Not the greatest of pics, but I didn't want it to look staged! I've got everything from Peter Pan in Scarlett (GREAT book!), to This Is All I Ask (LOVE LYN KURLAND!), to Fire and Hemlock (great young adult!) to Lisey's Story (LOVE STEPHEN!) to my latest TBR addition, Hannibal Rising (SHUDDER!).
My husband shakes his head at my teetering reading pile, and can't understand why I have to have so MANY there. Well, because one night, I might want to fly in a pirate's ship over olde London, or pretend I'm the heroine whose hero is blind but the most absolute strongest, handsome knight in all of Medieval England, and the next night, pull the covers up to my eyes so the scary words of Stephen King blurs enough so not to freak me totally out. Lol!
What's on YOUR nightstand? Do you stack your TBR's right next to you, or do you chose them at random and read them all the way through?
Now, there are a few exceptions with me. When I've been waiting on my favorite author's newest release, I will set aside all other reads to start/finish that particular one. Otherwise, it's whatever grabs me.....


Eve Silver said...

Cindy, I used to buy a bunch of books I wanted to read and plow through them one at a time. Now, between the day job and writing, I'm a little pressed for tim, so I've fallen behind on my reading. Right now, in the TBR, I have Colleen's THE REST FALLS AWAY and Ann's RISK.

Books I'm waiting for anxiously are Vivi Anna's BLOOD SECRETS and Lori Devoti's UNBOUND, both Nocturnes. Also, I can't wait for Kelley Armstrong's NO HUMANS INVOLVED, and the next installment in JR Ward's vampire series.

I still haven't gotten to THE TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE, but it is on my shelf, waiting patiently. As is FINGERSMITH.

Too many great books, too little time.

Cindy Miles said...

Ooh, Eve, those reads all sound great! And yeah, you're right--too many great books, too little time.

Thanks for the post!

meardaba said...

THE TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE, a book I only picked up because it was one of the few English books in the library, was so good I couldn't put it down. Once I finished, I couldn't stop thinking about it! Go, go read it now! Read like the wind!

Ahem. Now for my true post.

At the moment I have, on my bed-side floor (no table, unfortunately):
FRIENDS, LOVERS, AND CHOCOLATE - Alexander McCall Smith (Mystery)
SEA DRAGON HEIR - Storm Constantine (Fan)
*WITCH CHILD - Celia Rees (YA)
*THE HAPPY ISLES OF OCEANIA - Paul Theroux (Travel)
*CRAZY - Benjamin Lebert (German YA)
KAFKA ON THE SHORE - Haruki Murakami (Lit)
*PRIESTESS OF THE WHITE - Trudi Canavan (Fan)
(*means I've started it)

At the moment that line up is quite eclectic! I usually have at least 4 books on the go, though I doubt I'll finish all of them. For example, I love Paul Theroux, but I have to be travelling somewhere to read his books. And I loved Canavan's first trilogy, but I'm having a hard time getting into this book.

I'm waiting on a package of new-released romances from the US. When I get that I'll do what you said, Cindy; I'll tear through those books and read them from start to finish.

Cindy Miles said...

Ooh, Meardaba, fantastic choices! I have a lot more books to add to my teetering pile now--with The Time Traveller's Wife on top! *won't my hubby be THRILLED* (she says snorting and chortling to self)

This is sort of off-subject, but Lisey's Story has been my top choice lately, and it kept me up all last night! I don't think I got an ounce of decent sleep--and it's not Pet Cemetery scary. It's just...STEPHEN KING. Lol! I think I was trying to figure out (in my half-sleep state) just WHAT King was doing that was creeping me out so bad! Lol!


Thanks for the post, Meardaba!!!