Thursday, February 01, 2007

Today I’m Dreaming

It’s been cold. Not the frozen tundra of my memories growing up in Winnipeg but cold just the same. There has been frost on my car in the morning and my teeth have been chattering as I drop the kids off at school. It’s February 1st and I know it won’t be long before my tulips are visible. Still, my soul can’t separate the date on the calendar with the dreary darkened days outside my window.

So I’ve been dreaming of a tropical paradise. Palm trees. The look of a fine young man serving me a drink with an umbrella in it. Sigh. The fantasy is almost complete until the timer sounds on my washing machine LOL!

I’ll tell you a secret, a little dab of coconut suntan oil under your nose can transport your mind to warmer days. It immediately relaxes me. A good book is also my oasis and I can't wait to get my hot little hands on Ann's new book, Risk. That cover makes me warm all over he he.

Are you tired of the drab days of winter? What’s your secret to getting away from it all in your mind? Are you reading anything that takes you to far away lands?


Kay Lockner said...

Ooo... love the suntan oil idea, Wendy. I have a great picture in my office that reminds me of Tuscany. It always makes me feel serene when I look at it. I also have a small framed beach scene that's like my personal happy place. :-)


Wendy Roberts said...

Ahhh Tuscany. Just saying the name makes me feel serene. Have you ever been there?

Anonymous said...

I so want to go somwhere hot and just lay around on a beach. Unfortunately, I'm stuck where it's cold. Think I'll try your suntan oil idea!


Eve Silver said...

Wendy, love the picture, and the fantasy. Have you tried coconut-scented shampoo. That's a great one for giving a hint of the tropics (I'm typing this looking out my window at snow, LOL!)

Cindy Miles said...

Great picture, Wendy, and the smell of suntan oil takes a person straight to the sea (even if only in their minds!) I think I must be a weirdo, though--I love cold and gloomy--oh, and rainy. Lol! :) Of course, I live on the south eastern coast, so most times it's pretty balmy here-no snow, and the winter rarely hangs around long enough to notice it's winter.

But now I want to go sniff some suntan oil!

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for spring. It snowed here this morning. And it's cold in the 20s. It shouldn't be so cold in Texas.

:) Tiana

Wendy Roberts said...

Eve, coconut scented shampoo? Love it!

Cindy, I don't mind gloomy most of the time but I can't handle cold. Can I have a little gloomy but warm?

Tiana, great to see you! I can't believe it's in the 20s in Texas *gasp*! You might as well come and visit me :)

Kristina Cook said...

I hate winter--HATE it. I actually have some new Origins moisturizer that has a bit of a coconut smell, and it's even enough to make me think 'tropical'! But the best way I deal with my winter doldrums is by planning my summer vacation--we're going to the south of Spain this summer for two weeks, renting a villa on 14 acres between the moutains and the Mediterranean, and close enough to the Straits of Gibraltar to day a daytrip across to Tangier, Morocco. Doing all the planning/house rental/buying plane tickets/reading travel guides has really helped me escape the winter blues.

Cindy Miles said...

WooHoo, Kristina! What a vacation! I used to be pretty limber-can I squeeze into your luggage and go too? Wait, nevermind. Limber was 20 years ago! I think I'd snap now.


My brother and I are planning a trip to Northern England/Scotland in the fall together. Yay! (yes, just me and him, and we'll probably kill each other) I've been before (and can never go enough!) but my bro hasn't. So much fun to be with a Virgin Pond-Jumper! It's like going again for the very first time. :)

Wendy Roberts said...

I have vacation envy. Best I can hope for this year will be conference cities.