Sunday, February 04, 2007

Calling Central Casting

Justus Robinson, the college-basketball-player-turned-personal-trainer hero in my current novel, Risk, is tall, broad-shouldered, dark-eyed and mischievous. I have, as you can imagine, spent hours and hour with Justus, and although I can’t think of anyone in real life who looks exactly like him, actor Henry Simmons, formerly of NYPD Blue, comes pretty close. You might remember Henry. He’s the one with the gleaming skin and flashing white smile. Poor guy. He’s just not that attractive, is he? Ah, well. What can you do?

If I had to cast an actor to play Mike, the hero in my first novel, Trouble, it’d have to be Shemar Moore of The Young & the Restless. I guess he’ll do, huh? If you like those glittering eyes and heavy brows. Some women seem to go for that stuff. Go figure.

No one’s asking me, but if I had to cast an actor for the role of James Fraser in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, I’d pick Ingo Rademacher from General Hospital. Of course he’d have to dye his hair red for the role, but something about his blue eyes and dimple seem to drive women wild.

And if I had to re-cast the ultimate romantic hero, Gone With the Wind’s Rhett Butler, I’d choose … George Clooney. Couldn’t you just see him telling Scarlett that she’s no lady?

I hesitate to put this much masculine perfection on one web page—I don’t want to hurt anybody—but these actors would be my choices. What about you? Which actors would you cast to play which heroes, and why?


Eve Silver said...

Not a Clooney fan (sorry!!), but I do think Henry and Shemar are quite hot.

I always have trouble imagining actors as heroes, mostly because as I read (or write) I have my own vision/idea of who the hero is, and an actor is already an individual in their own right, or has perhaps played a role I already associate with them. I've asked readers this question before, though, and gotten some really interesting answers.

Wendy Roberts said...

Oh yummmm!

You're right, I can totally see Clooney and Scarlett together :)

Cindy Miles said...

I don't know the soap stars, but the pics you list are GOR-GEOUS!

I'm with Eve, though-I have trouble imagining actors as book characters, too, since my imagination forms something completely different when I read a yummilishush character. Usually when I DO try it, though, for my own stories, I end up snagging features from several different fellas!