Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's got to be a guy thing...

I love men. I really do. I mean, they make life frustrat--er, interesting. Not to mention spicy, if they're behaving. You know?

But recently, I've heard of two really dumb things that a couple of guys that I know did. Tell me, would a woman do this?
Yeah, I have to admit a genetic connection to the guy whose truck is pictured here. It's my uncle, who lives in the very cold, very snowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan. And, yeah, he's a mature guy--not a youngster who shouldn't know any better.

He was out checking the ice for a big ice-fishing thing, and saw tracks on the ice. So what does he do? Figures it's okay and drives his truck out onto the ice.

The minute he heard the crack, he was out of the truck--dog in tow--and slogging back to the shore (thank goodness it was near the shore of an inland lake). He had to walk 4.5 miles in 0-degree weather, wet from the waist down, to get to shelter. D'oh!

I'm sure he's not going to be able to get the truck out 'til spring thaw...which, in the UP, is May.

And here's the other D'oh! moment I witnessed a few weeks ago. (This guy, thankfully, isn't related to me.)

My Music Man and I went to see this band play at a bar. We're sitting near the front, and we know the guys in the band. Including the lead guitarist, Bo, and his wife, with whom we sit and chat for a few minutes. She leaves to go home and put their kids to bed.

So about a half hour later, she returns and sits down near the front of the stage. The band has been playing this whole time, and so they're winding down for a break. Bo yells into the mike, "Ya'll having fun tonight?"

Everyone responds, "Yeah!"

Except one gal, in the front row in a tight t-shirt and a generous rack, says, "No!"

Bo looks at her. "What?"

She says, "I just wondered what you'd say if someone said no!"

He just looks at her and says, still into the mike, "Well, I don't really care what you said, 'cause I've been distracted all night, looking at your chest! [although I think he used a different word]" Then he kind of looks up and says to the rest of the bar at large, "I can say that 'cause my wife went home!"

Ooops. Apparently, he hadn't noticed she'd returned. Poor Bo. I wouldn't want to be in the car with him on the way home that night!

Okay, so. Is this a guy thing? Doing stupid things like this? Or are women just as nuts?


Wendy Roberts said...

Women, of course, can be nuts but this kind of craziness is reserved for guys LOL.

Ann Christopher said...

I dunno ... are there any women on that JACKASS show/movie?

Poor Bo. He probably had a rough night. Hee-hee.


meardaba said...

Hey, Bo deserved the doghouse for a crack like that!

Colleen Gleason said...

Hey Meardaba...I totally agree. If he were my hubby, he'd be dead.

Especially since he announced it to the flipping entire bar!

Tammy said...

Yeah, women are just as nuts, but in different ways. Can anyone say astronaut!

Carl V. said...

Funny about the truck...glad he was safe though.

In answer to your last question, need I point out the recent behavior of the female astronaut????