Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Weird or Wonderful?

What do you think of this ring?
Too simple?
Not flashy enough?

Okay, how about this bracelet? It's kind of pretty, right?

These are Memory Jewels. They are made from (get ready for it) . . . your loved one's remains.

If someone you loved died, would you consider using their ashes to make a piece of jewelry? It has some practical uses. After all, in an urn your loved ones don't get out much. This way you can have them with you, even on you, forever.

You could have a complete collection ... Dearly Departed Aunt Mary circling your finger, Grandpa Bob dangling from your earlobes and your cat Fluffy on a pendant around your neck.

Would you? Could you?


Eve Silver said...

Okay. I'm completely creeped out here. Where do people come up with these ideas!!!???

Lois said...

Alas, the pictures aren't showing up for me, but I know exactly what you're talking about. . . saw it on the news whenever ago. Sorry, to strange for me! LOL :)


Wendy Roberts said...

Okay, that's two people who are voting that it's too strange. Obviously some people think it's a wonderful idea or the business would've folded LOL.

Caroline Linden said...

It's a Victorian thing, I think--weren't they big on memorial jewelry (that's not the right term but I can't recall what it is right now)? Brooches with the dead person's hair, etc.

Do these pieces have CREMATED remains? That's...ick. What if the thing breaks open? Ick.

Kristina Cook said...

I think I read that they actually MAKE diamonds from the carbon/cremated remains. To me, that's MUCH creepier than the jewelry incorporating a loved one's hair. Ick.

Jennifer said...

I'd do it....only if it was my husband, though. I'd have a ring made into blue stones. Maybe it is weird. I dunno.

The Cosmic Kid said...

Anyone ever watch the reality show FAMILY PLOTS? It was a great show, and they featured a company that took a little bit of cremated remains and turned them into diamonds. My mom and I watched this show a lot, and we thought this was an awesome idea.

My father passed away almost 3 years ago, and considering me and my siblings were all under 18 (17, 12, 6) my mom and I wish that we would have heard about this sooner after he'd passed. The thought of having a ring, necklace, or earrings that were "from" my dad is an awesome thought for me. And my mom would have loved it too, since he loved to give her jewelry. Unfortunately we heard about this 6 months later, after the ashes had been burried.

Oh, well.

However, thinking of my family members, there aren't many others that I'd want jewelry of.

Wendy Roberts said...

See? There you go. I knew there were people out there who would find something endearing about the idea.

Jennifer, would you consider blue because blue is his favorite color? I can see it being a sentimental thing.

Cosmic, sorry to hear about the passing of your dad. It sounds like he was truly loved. Oh and I'll check out that Family Plots show!

tracy macnish said...


I can't imagine people saying, "Pretty ring! What sort of stone is that?" And me replying airily, "Oh, it's made from my dearly departed."

Personally, I've lost too many people whose presence I miss daily, and "wearing them" wouldn't ease my heart so much as really fine scotch does, raised in memory.

BUT - Jennifer and Cosmic - I'm not putting it down. The way you guys see it is actually quite lovely. I just wouldn't be able to get my mind around the concept.

spyscribbler said...

I totally would do it for my hubby, too. I'd have a necklace and wear it around my neck so he'd always be close by ...

Sounds sappy, huh? I would, though.

Wendy Roberts said...

Spy, when you put it that way it sounds wonderful!