Thursday, May 24, 2007

Television Season Finales

This is the time of TV season finales--so far, the ones I've seen have NOT disappointed me!

First up--The Office. was terrific! As usual, the writers managed to surprise me, while having the characters (well, Jim and Pam, at least)act in a way that seemed very real, very natural. Can I just say, once more for the record, that I LOVE Jim and Pam?!?!?!?!?! I really think they are the best TV couple ever. I have no idea how I'm going to wait till next fall to find out what happens next! Still my all-time favorite TV show.

Second--Dancing With the Stars. I've been hooked since the second season (I missed the first season--except for the 'dance off' between John O'Hurley and Kelly Monaco)--everyone in my house loves this show, even the kids! I thought this season was probably the best so far, as least so far as talent goes. By the time it was down to the final four--Ian, Laila, Apolo, and Joey--I was having a hard time picking a winner. Laila was probably my least favorite, but I adore her partner Maksim (he's not only fabulously good looking, but also an amazing dancer!). Apolo was so good, he almost looked like a professional dancer, and Joey was a great dancer AND a great showman. Ultimately, I think the fans chose the correct winner--though in some ways, I enjoyed Joey's performances more than Apolo's, I think Apolo probably had a more difficult challenge, as I assume Joey already had a fair amount of dance experience in N'Sync. All in all, a great season!

Lastly--LOST. Was anyone else as stunned as I was by the revelation at the very end?! And...the character who died (don't want to include spoilers, in case you haven't seen it yet), do you think he's really dead?! I hope not--I loved him! I think it's been a jaw-dropping season of LOST, and the finale was no exception. So, do you think Ben is really a good guy?! I'm starting to think maybe he is. Maybe he wasn't lying (regarding what he told Jack about getting rescued). And GO, SAWYER! I think we need t-shirts that say, "That's for taking the kid off the raft!". Sawyer is such a terrific anti-hero--how can you not love him? Anyway, I can't wait till next season!

Anyone else enjoying the finales? Any favorites so far? Any disappointments? Any theories about the above shows you'd like to share?


Ann Christopher said...

Ummm ... Kristi? Did you forget about the American Idol finale last night??

Go, Jordin!


Kristina Cook said...

I don't watch American Idol--at least, not usually! I did watch last season (the only one I watched), but I was SO angry when Chris Daughtry got voted off that I just couldn't stand to get involved in watching again!

Eve Silver said...

I missed the finale of HEROs and the finale of LOST, though I must admit, I didn't really watch a lot of LOST this season. Only so many hours in the day, and I couldn't carve out enough of them to watch Lost. I even missed the season finale of CSI, my all-time fave show ever!

Lois said...

Don't know if I mentioned Smallville on this blog or not (have mentioned it on others LOL), but that's the only one for me. :) Plenty of people died on it. . . just have to wait to see who comes back or not. LOL


Monica said...

Oh My Gosh! LOST is amazing !So many twists and turns, I always have to re-watch it becuz I miss things the first time around ! Hurley is sooo cool, and charlie & claire are too sweet, Sawyer is the hottest bad boy/big heart/rogue/, um I could go on forever about him...I even own a DHARMA Fish Bisquits shirt that I wear every Wednesday! Sawyer should definitely be the next guy you model one of your chars after kristine......
Do any of you watch GHOST WHISPERER? WOW that season finale floored me! A Brother? Why didn't Grandma let her know? He is gonna be that bad guy isn't he?