Friday, May 11, 2007


There are some parts of writing a book I love: the first scene between the hero and heroine, the first kiss, the moment one of them says the big three words "I love you"...but by far the best thing is writing THE END. Because you're done. DONE. Nothing comes next. Well, sure, there's proofreading and maybe some revising and editing, and you never know what the editor will say so there might be loads more work ahead of you. But for the that moment, that one shining, glorious moment, you are done.

Finishing a book is the last day of school, the last day of work, Friday afternoon in the summer when you have a beach house for the weekend, and Cinqo de Mayo, all wrapped into one. Why Cinqo de Mayo? Because there are extra-large margaritas. Fiesta time! It's also like crawling to the finish line of an extra, extra, EXTRA long marathon, through the snow, with no clothes on, dragging a fifty pound weight behind you, uphill all the way.

And I...just...finished...this...week!

Now I can do all the things I haven't done for six months while I was writing/thinking about writing/agonizing about NOT writing/deleting huge portions of writing because it stunk/fantasizing about writing a completely different, new, book/writing, writing, writing. Here's my To-Do list:

1) Lie in hammock and read book. Any book I have not written. Perhaps TO LOVE A SCOUNDREL, if only I could get my hands on a copy...

2) Fix myself an especially tasty lunch (finishing a book seems to require large amounts of junk food, but now I can go back to eating good food)

3) Clean house...cut grass...blah blah some point.

That's pretty much it!

What's on your list? How do you celebrate Something Big?


Sally MacKenzie said...

Mega congrats on finishing, Caroline. Yes, writing "The End" is wonderful, wonderful--and I am hideously jealous of you because I am only on p. 9 of my new book. The marathon still looms ahead of me. Argh!

Ann Christopher said...

Oh, for crying out loud! Will you PLEASE stop your shameless trolling for free books??!! Don't fall for it, Kristi!

And congrats! I guess you got over that hump, huh?

Ann ;)

Wendy Roberts said...

Ah yes, nothing like typing The End. Sadly, I'm about 300 pages away from that at the moment but I'm still happy for you :)

Off to add to my own word count ...

tracy macnish said...

Big Somethings in my house usually include (but are not limited to):

Excellent Scotch. The really good stuff that one sips and savors.

Dinner Out At My Favorite Restaurant. The one where the owner comes and kisses both my cheeks and brings me homemade limoncello.

Time Off. The kind where I clean closets and paint walls and take long long walks.

Celebratory Sex. Do I need to explain this one? If so, send me a private email and I'll shoot you some interesting diagrams.

Caroline - I am so happy for you, congratulations, enjoy swinging in the hammock, and have a great big salty margarita for me, okay? Because I am so excited that there's another book of yours coming my way. What's the name of this masterpiece, darling?

Caroline Linden said...

Thanks, all!

Ann, keep your mouth shut. Just because I quit asking for YOUR books doesn't mean you need to spoil my fun.

All excellent suggestions, Tracy. Do post those diagrams, won't you? We're all interested in new research materials here (even Sally, no matter what she says to the contrary).

But it has no title yet. If you have a good title in mind, email it to me!

Kristina Cook said...

Huge congrats, Caroline!!!!!! Nothing sweeter than typing 'The End.' You definintely deserve a celebration--all of Tracy's suggestions sound awfully good to me (and yeah, I'd like to see those diagrams, too, LOL!).

Looks like you won't have to wait too much longer for SCOUNDREL--I got author copies today, which means it's soon to be spotted 'in the wild.' Yikes!

tracy macnish said...

The diagrams are *eyes only* and please, Caroline and Kristina. Research? Let's all be honest, okay? I can't be held responsible for the pregnancies and enslaved husbands that would surely follow.

As it is my poor German languishes in my merciless clutches. Imagine my guilt if the (delicious - I have seen photographic confirmation) Doctor/Barrister Linden and the esteemed (and I'm sure delectable - but I have no *consumable* data) Mr. Cook found themselves likewise entwined and entrenched with their newly corrupted spouses!

(Seriously, I love sharing. Girls, email me privately. Sally, cover your eyes.)

Oh, and Caroline? I'd love to give you ideas on titles. But my darling, I've yet to hear about this newest yarn you've spun. Dish?

Sally MacKenzie said...

Okay. My eyes are covered.