Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Free Paris!

If you’ve been looking for a worthy cause to support, search no more.

Forget the tragedies in Darfur, the AIDs crisis in Africa, the tornado victims in Kansas, the families of the Virginia Tech massacre victims, and those citizens still struggling because of Katrina. No, friends, there is a worthier candidate for our collective energy these days.

I’m talking, of course, about Paris Hilton’s petition for a pardon from the Governator.

Yes, you, too, can go to Paris’s MySpace page, click the link, and sign your name to the petition. Maybe if enough of us sign, Governor Schwarzenneger will have mercy, and she will be spared that horrendous 45-day jail term to which she’s been sentenced.

Can a Paris Hilton legal defense fund be far behind?

What, still here? What’re you waiting for?

Anyone else besides me feeling a little nauseous about poor Paris’s travails?


Lois said...

Well, if you know of a petition to Arnold to make sure she goes to prison, I'm there! LOLOLOL :)


Cory said...

Why am I not surprised to see something like this???

Kristina Cook said...

Barf-o-rama! My heart bleeds for poor, poor Paris (NOT!).

I'm not quite sure why it is that celebrities think they should be above the law.

Ann Christopher said...

Paris seems to be her own worst enemy--didn't register for the alcohol awareness class, didn't show up on time, drove with a suspended license. I mean, COME ON.

I'm thinking Ah-nold will take a rather dim view of all this nonsense, but who knows ...

Tracy MacNish said...

Can we somehow, instead, start a grassroots movement designed to lure Paris to Keedysville, MD?

Over at SmartBitches, Nora Roberts promises a smackdown if Paris set's foot in her town.

We could sell tickets, have a mass booksigning, and all the women would go home happy. I've got two words: Road Trip!