Monday, May 21, 2007

Urban Legends

Chain Emails. Sometimes they're sent by well-meaning, albeit misinformed friends. My inbox has seen a LOT of these.

The Glade Plug-in Scam: Unplug your air fresheners or your house will burn down!

The Perfume Robbers: Careful shoppers! Women are being approached in parking lots and knocked out by sniffing perfume samples.

Yesterday I received one telling me not to pick up calls coming into my cell phone from certain numbers.

"If the calls comes up from these numbers, its with very high wave length, and frequency. If a call is received on mobile from these numbers, it creates a very high frequency and it causes brain hamorage. It's not a joke rather, its TRUE. 27 persons died just on receiving calls from these numbers. Watch Aaj Tak (NEWS), DD News and IBN 7."

OMG! There is no way I want to have my brain suffer ham or rage (or hemmorhage for that matter) by a phone number! Of course, I checked it out at Snopes before tossing out my phone. It's pretty pathetic that Snopes needs to exist to save us from ourselves and all our well-meaning friends LOL.

So do you have a favorite email hoax or urban legend you'd like to share?


Anonymous said...

My friends are always sending me those email hoaxes!


Kristina Cook said...

These 'warning emails' drive me *batty*! They're just never-ending, along with the "I'm the wife of the former president of *insert obscure nation* who died and I have a zillion dollars and need a partner to get it into an American bank account" emails. Do people really fall for these?!

Sally MacKenzie said...

Hey, I got a chain letter email in Spanish the other day. I don't read Spanish (or speak it, btw) so I sent it to a friend who does--sort of. She told me as best she could translate it, it was a chain email and then we were now both cursed because we weren't going to forward it.

Hmm. Do you suppose the curse works when you don't speak the language?

Lois said...

The chain email I can't stand for my life (well, can't stand all of them, but this one most particularly) is the one that people send out about Mars being the closest in however many years during the summer and won't do that for however long from now. The thing is, it was true, just maybe four summers ago. . . and being an amateur-amateur astronomer that I like to think I am, it drives me nuts that no one looks it up before sending it out. Although that's the problem with all of the messages, actually. LOL