Friday, May 18, 2007

Dirty Dancing, Anyone?

DIRTY DANCING, one of the fun-est (is that a word?) movies of all time, is twenty years old.


I was in college when I first saw it, and I clearly remember the rush of scandalized excitement from the great music, the dancing, and, most of all, the love story between Baby and Johnny Castle. BTW, I don’t know if the producers could have come up with any campier names, but that’s not the point. I ran right out and bought both soundtracks on tape and listened to them endlessly in my car.

Those were the days.

To celebrate this twenty-year milestone, I recently bought, and watched, the DD DVD. I gotta tell ya, the movie holds up. I still love Johnny and Baby, and I still cringe, but in a good way, when Johnny says that dumb line at the end, right before they dance the finale, “No one puts Baby in the corner.”

Here are some other great dance movies, in no particular order:

Saturday Night Fever (duh!);


Save the Last Dance; and

Dance With Me.

Anyone else love Dirty Dancing? What’s your favorite dance movie?


All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Ann Christopher said...

Thanks, All Blog Spots! Please stop back again!

Kristina Cook said...

I recently bought the 'anniversary' DVD of Dirty Dancing--believe it or not, my husband had never actually seen the entire movie! So, we watched it recently, and yep, it totally stands the test of time, cheesy or not. Loved it then, love it now!

Patrick Swayze is an *amazing* dancer--though I will say, I've met him a couple times in person and...well...he wasn't all that nice. :o(

Chumplet said...

Footloose all the way. When that title song comes up at functions, I'm on the floor, dancing my brains out until I'm gasping for breath.

Once, I almost hip-checked my newspaper Publisher off the dance floor.