Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Unpaid Endorsement

I spend most of the winter in a desperate and usually futile effort to keep my hands from feeling like sandpaper. I think I’ve tried every lotion on the market at least once, and only one or two of them ever really did the trick.

Still, hope springs eternal, so the other day, when I was roaming the mall instead of *COUGH* writing, and wandered into Restoration Hardware (what a name!) I was interested to see the following: No-Crack Hand Cream.

Yeah, right. I’ve heard THAT before.

I tried a little from the tester jar and … fell in love. The stuff WORKS. And it smells good, too—wonderful scents like Sweet Orange, Cucumber Mint and Shore.

I LOVE it—so much so that I bought a jar, and then, when I needed more for the car and my nightstand, I went back and bought 2 more jars.

Whew. I just needed to share. Restoration Hardware's No-Crack Hand Cream. Love it.

So what about you? Discovered any new beauty essentials lately?


Lois said...

Hmm. . . well, I can't live without my chapstick. . . oh well, I'm not big into beauty products except usual soap and water. LOL I'm sad, I know. :)


Kristina Cook said...

Yes--DHC skincare products! My new addiction. I got a catalog in the mail with some free samples, and within a couple of days I could see a difference in my skin. Plus it's all olive-oil based/natural stuff. I've now got a whole new skincare regimen.

Ann Christopher said...

Lois, you are TRULY low-maintenance!

Kristina, I haven't heard of DHC--I'll have to look for it.


Kristina Cook said...

In yet another unpaid endorsement, here's the link for DHC products: