Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Which Princess Are YOU?

Disney has joined forces with a designer to fill a serious gap in their marketing umbrella: princess brides. What? You thought Disney Princesses were imaginary figures like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, the inspiration for hundreds of puffy pink and white, child size 4 costumes at Target? Not anymore. Now grown women can be a princess, too- on their wedding day.

Apparently the Disney princesses are actually archetypes of feminine beauty and character (take THAT, Barbie, you pathetic wannabe). Ariel-AKA The Little Mermaid- is "sultry and alluring" and the Ariel inspired gowns are "ideal for the bride who feels comfortable with a more form-fitted look." [Hmm. Wonder how long until Disney joins up with health clubs to help brides get ready for the form-fitted look. Can we imagine a "Pirate Fantasy Workout?" Raising the sails, swordfighting, running from angry natives, chasing Johnny Depp, etc.?] According to Disney's press release, "a mood and fashion sensibility was assigned to each princess-themed gown: Cinderella is for the classic glamour bride; Sleeping Beauty is about pretty romance; Snow White is sweet elegance; Ariel is sultry allure; Belle is stylish sophistication; and Jasmine is bohemian chic."

Here I am modeling my favorite of the gowns, the gown I long to wear at my own wedding...if only I hadn't gotten married a long time ago already, in a gown that had absolutely no princess associations whatsoever!!! Curse you, Disney; where were you...uh...a long time ago when I needed you? It's a Snow White gown (keep it to yourself, Ann), sweet and elegant, just like me (shut up, Sally).

So which princess are you? Are you a princess at all, on your wedding day or any other day? And I'm really hoping SOMEONE posts that she don't need no stinkin' princess dress, she wants to get married in blue jeans and a Big Papi jersey at home plate in Fenway Park.


Cory said...

Well, I've never been that interested in being a princess. I'm more of a tavern wench kinda girl myself!

Ann Christopher said...

Caroline ... I'm not even going to bother making a sarcastic comment on this one. That would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Ann ;)

Lois said...

A tiny part of me is really disappointed in those pictures. . . I've heard a few times on the news or wherever that Disney was doing dresses inspired by the characters, so I of course assume, well, something else. So I go to check the pics out. . . and they look like Vera Wangs or something. Pooh. (Ah, no pun intended. Hmm.)

Anyhoo. . . not that I would have liked seeing a real, honest to goodness Snow White yellow/blue gown there (LOL), but that's what I figured. LOL

Although, hey, if that's what someone wants, the real dress, go for it. :)

As for me, sorry, but I can think of a few Barbie gowns that I looooooved. . . :)


Sally MacKenzie said...

Hmm. I'd need to see the price tags--were there price tags? And I had you pegged as Belle, Caroline. That...well, I'm not really sure how to describe that Belle look.

How do you find these things? Is it because you have a daughter?

Hey, I feel like a princess today! My agent sent me flowers for making the USA Today list. No one ever sends me flowers. I'm wondering how the high school senior will react when he comes home from school. I'm expecting some kind of scoffing noise, but perhaps he'll surprise me.

Oops. Maybe I'd better go order a corsage. He's taking some girl to her prom Friday...I think. He's a blind date--and he's certainly keeping me in the dark as to the plans. Something else to look into today.

Kristina Cook said...

Is it totally shallow of me to admit to DROOLING over that Aurora/Sleeping Beauty gown?!?!?!