Thursday, April 26, 2007


As a child of the '80s, I was as much a Top Gun fan as the rest of my college friends. Yes, I admit to thinking Tom Cruise was hotter than Hades--no,wait, I never really thought that--and even had a fondness for Val Kilmer, even though he was the baddie.

(*cue* "Take My Breath Away....")

But holy cow! What has happened to those two?

Well, I know what happened to Mr. Crazy--er, Cruzy--er Cruise...but what about Mr. Kilmer? He was so hot in The Doors. And I loved him in Willow, too.

But, look at them now! Eeeeegads.

(Yes, that is Val Kilmer, April 2007, looking like a frigging beached whale. This photo is exactly what prompted this blog entry.)

And here's Mr. Cruise, who looks like he needs Not to mention a haircut, a bride who doesn't look like she's trapped, and a new religion.

And, okay, just for fun, I have to post this. It's a classic! (I'm still wondering why Oprah didn't give Tommy boy the same treatment she gave James Frey. Jus' sayin'.)

So, er...admit it. What do you think of Tom Cruise? And when did you fall off the Val Kilmer bandwagon? About the time he went bad-ass and blond?


Wendy Roberts said...

Ya know, I never really had much of a crush on Tom Cruise (too short) or Kilmer (too something-or-other) but, yes, I've had an even greater falling out of love lately. Ugh.

Quixotic said...

I loved Tom Cruise in Cocktail, but never really had much of a thing for him.

Val Kilmer never really did it for me either. Although in The Doors, yes please!

Love that Tom killing Oprah vid. Hilarious!

Cory said...

I never was a huge fan of either of them. They each did a few good movies a long time ago, but other than that I can't say as I think much of them.

Ann Christopher said...

Hmmm ... let's see...

Everyone's weight fluctuates a little, except, of course, MINE.


Never been a big Val Kilmer fan, although I loved THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS, about those man-eating lions.

Tom Cruise is a wonderful actor, and if anyone doesn't agree, they should go watch BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY and/or THE LAST SAMURAI.

He seems to be a loving father and he'll forever have my respect for adopting a child of another race.

But these last couple of years, I just ... I don't quite know what to say, or think ...

Ann ;)

The Cosmic Kid said...

Tom Cruise is a box of animal crackers. THe only good thing he's had a hand in lately is bringing the absolutely adorable little Suri into the world. But it makes me sad to think that she'll probably just end up brain washed like her parents.

Anissa said...

I was a HUGE Top Gun fan! Knew every line. And I must admit that Val Kilmer (Ice Man) was my favorite. Now that beach picture--it takes my breath away in a whole different way. Yikes!

Lois said...

Well, never knew or followed anything on Val Kilmer. . . so skipping him. . .

Tom Cruise, the only thing I ever saw with his, I think, was Rainman. And that I had to for Abnormal Psych class. (now, now, now, no Tom/scientology jokes, this was years before the past year or so of events. LOL) But while watching it, I kept thinking that he should of been the one with the disablility. It felt like he was the one who was the repetitive one or whatever (been a while and haven't seen it again since).

But never been a fan or anything of his either. Nope, for me it was a brief stint over Kevin Costner when RH: Prince of Thieves came out. . . then totally dumped him when I discovered Sean Connery. Sigh. :) Then last year I discovered my new number two god, Colin. . . with lake, of course. :)


Kristina Cook said...

Lois, I'm with you on the Colin thing....but I admit, I had a big thing for Tom Cruise post-Top Gun. I even had this great movie poster standee thing that I got from a local video rental store. Kilmer was HOT in Top Gun, too, but particularly hot in The Doors!

But yeah, it's safe to say I'm done drooling over those two!

Tori Lennox said...

I was never a big fan of either one, but even less so now in Tom's case. I hadn't thought it was all that long since Val had been in something and he was slim and trim then. Makes me wonder if he gained the weight for a role. And maybe has as much trouble losing it as I do. *g*

Christine said...

I was never a Cruise fan. Growing up I thought Tom Selleck was the MAN! And damn if he still doesn't look better than both Tom and Val. :)

Camille said...

I don't know what it is about Val, but I still love him, even in his big, black wetsuit and flippers. :)