Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Starting a new book

It's time for me to start writing a new book. Actually, I've started. I'm not writing yet or even planning, really. I'm just getting to know the characters.

This is my fifth book and if you'd asked me a few years ago, I would have been of the opinion that writing books must get easier. Once you've done it, you can do it again, right?


Sorry. Anxiety attack.

Maybe writing a book is like childbirth--amnesia sets in. I mean, I've had four kids--and four books....

Ack! Is there a parallel here?? No, no, no!!!

Deep, cleansing breath.

Frankly, as with labor, sometimes I'd have been happy to delegate the job to someone else. There were definitely points when I just wanted to quit. Obviously--at least with childbirth--I couldn't. And I do love the final product...well, most of the time. (My blood pressure is not faring so well recently, what with the triathlete wiping out on his bike in Honduras and the high school senior getting mugged in Madrid.)

There are some writers who love to start books. I met one once. She said she was so excited by all the possibilities when she looked at that blank screen.

I was very proud of myself. I didn't strangle her.

So now I'm trying to ignore the fact that I have 400 double spaced pages to pull out of the ether, and I'm just musing about the characters. Who are they? Who are their parents, their families, their friends? What makes them special?

Oh, and by the way, I'm taking a break from musing tonight to chat at Romance Junkies (9 PM EST), so if you'd like to stop by, I'd be delighted to "see" you.


meardaba said...

Boo! That's, like, 2 am here. :(

Sally MacKenzie said...

LOL, meardaba. I'd love to see you, but unless you are a vampire like my third son (well, he's not REALLY a vampire, he just keeps vampire hours), I think you should be snugly tucked into bed.

Caroline Linden said...

Well, I like starting new books. I start them all the time, usually when I am supposed to be finishing other books. Which means I should be due for another GREAT IDEA soon...

Caroline the Undisciplined

Eve Silver said...

I start new books all the time, and on my current crazy schedule, I'm finishing them all the time, too, LOL! I think that's the benefit of tight deadlines...there's no time for me to angst over writing the book, so I just write it.

Wendy said...

I love to start new books. It's at about the half-way point when I have mixed feelings of loathing about the story and find myself playing on the internet instead.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Oh, dear. I may have to strangle all the other Musers...that will never do.

Yes, I do sometimes hear the siren call of that futuristic I started a couple years ago, but I know that if I went back to work on it, it would be suddenly become rather less than appealing. Writing is just hard work for me, sigh.

Hey, Eve, how ARE all those deadlines coming, girl? You are a writing beast--beast being a major compliment, of course.

Eve Silver said...

Sally, I'm in the thick of it now, LOL! The next book is due May 1.