Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Target, the Root of All Evil

I love Target.

I hate Target.

I love it more.

Love the bright, cheerful, uniform décor. Love the fresh popcorn-y smell. Love the dollar bins right when you walk in, which always have 5-10 dollars’ worth of things I didn’t know I needed one minute ago, but now must suddenly have.

Things I also love about Target, in no particular order:

  • The pharmacy, which is prompt and professional and doesn’t tell you a prescription will be ready by X o’clock, and then act like you’re crazy when you show up at X o’clock to get it;
  • The clothes;
  • The shoes;
  • The pillows;
  • The linens;
  • The international market, when they have it;
  • The school supplies in the fall (LOVE school supplies!)
  • The Christmas and Halloween decorations, which are always cool;
  • The toy department, which generally has whatever I need;
  • The small electrics; and
  • The books, of course.

Things I hate about Target, in no particular order:

  • The popcorn, because I always have to have it, even though I don’t NEED it;
  • The toy department when I can’t drag the kids out of it; and
  • The fact that I can’t step foot in the place without spending WAY more money than I need to.

What about you? Any other Targetphiles out there? What’s your favorite thing about it?


Kristina Cook said...

Ack, just reading your post, I have a sudden urge to...go to Target! I have a 10% off coupon somewhere--there must be SOMETHING I desperately need to buy, right?!

Sally MacKenzie said...

I was strong and resisted Target this morning. I like it because it usually has the health care products--contact lens stuff, etc--that for some reason my grocery store doesn't carry any more. AND it stocks my favorite mouse traps. Yes, unfortunately, I do have a favorite--more than a favorite, actually--the only brand I'll buy.

Ann Christopher said...

Resist? Target? Is that possible???