Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Regency Ladies' Weekend

This weekend, I'm leaving my flooded house behind and traveling to Riverdale Park, MD to Riversdale House, a historic 19th century home, for a "Regency Ladies' Weekend" (along with fellow Loose Screw Sally MacKenzie!). Sounds fun, huh?! From Friday evening at six till Saturday night at ten, we will experience Regency-era dining, entertainments, and accomodations (apparently there is one modern shower, however--though only one, and we have sign up to use it!)

On Saturday, we could choose from actitivites such as games and literature, collections tour, cooking, and bonnet making (I'm doing games and literature and touring the collection). Though it won't be an authentic 19th century English country house party, it should at least give me a taste of what one might have been like in such a grand home. Almost like traveling back in time!

My question to you is this: if you could travel back in time for one week and one week only, what era/location would you choose to travel to?

For me, it would certainly be Regency-era England, but only if I could be a 'lady'--not a scullery maid! Second choice would be an early Virginia settlement or another southern colony (because I can't take the cold!), just to see how wonderously beautiful this land must have been back then.


Wendy Roberts said...

Hmmm. I'd probably want to travel back to the Regency era, stock up on antiques and then come back LOL. Beautiful pictures!

Lois said...

Oh heck, forget going back in time, I would be happy to go where you're going! LOL :)

But let's see. . . since you're asking the time traveling question in terms of going for a week. . . . ah, Regency period would be nice. . . maybe a week in Princeton before April 18, 1955 -- that would be when Albert Einstein died, so any time before that I could spend a week at his place LOL. . . hmm, it seems like other places I'm thinking of I wouldn't actually want to spend a lot of time in, just poke my head in to look around, so just those two. :)


Kristina Cook said...

LOL, I'm with you, Lois, on just popping in and having a look around in some eras. Even Regency England, after a few days of not being able to shave my legs, I think I might get antsy to get back!

Sally MacKenzie said...

Hmm, I don't know that I care to be referred to as a "loose screw," Kristina!

I'll see how this weekend goes and get back to you...I'm more into imagination than actually roughing it in the past. Now, maybe I'd consider going into the future if the future holds some great technological advances like self cleaing houses.

And it's supposed to warm up this weekend, but I still think I'm taking my "Regency" L.L.Bean fleece.

Ann Christopher said...

"Regency Ladies' Weekend"??

What the--?

What kind of boondoggle is this?

Next you'll be telling me you're going to write the weekend off on your taxes for "research purposes."


Not that I'm jealous or anything.


Eve Silver said...

Okay, I'm a little envious, especially because I'm tied up with a major deadline...oh, wait, the mail just brought page proofs, so I guess that makes it two deadlines, LOL! Hmmm...spend the next week working 18 hour days, or go to a Regency weekend. Actually, the idea of only one shower is off-putting, but other than that, this sounds like a hoot!

As to visiting another time period...the problem for me is that I know how women were treated in those times, and that makes the idea of going back a little scary. But, hmmm, maybe the Roaring Twenties? Or maybe 19th century New York?

Caroline Linden said...

I am so green with jealousy I can hardly think of anything to say.

Be sure and post a picture of Sally in her fleece pelisse, OK, Kristina? Oh- and have FUN! I hope it doesn't rain on you at all.

Kristina Cook said...

Ooooh, and Sally, I just heard from another source that we are sleeping on the sleeping bags ON THE FLOOR.

Hmmmm. Sounding less fun??

Sally MacKenzie said...

Hmm. Maybe we should just dash back to my house Friday night and show up "back at the ranch" bright and early Saturday morning. I really think that would be doable--and you won't have to sign up for the shower.

And Caroline, maybe we'll include you next year, if you behave.