Monday, April 16, 2007

Auto-buys and a Contest

I posted about this on another blog the other day, but since there's a whole new audience here, I thought I'd bring it up again.

There are certain authors who continue to delight me that I've placed on my aut0-buy list--meaning that I'll pick up and buy a new release (or pre-order it) without
1) reading the back cover,
2) caring what it says on the back cover,
3) even noticing the title,
4) or thumbing through the book

I love it when an author who's on my auto-buy list has a new book coming out! I usually rush to the store the day of the release.

So....who's on your auto-buy list?

If you list them, I'll enter you in a drawing to win an Advance Review Copy of the second book in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles--Rises the Night.

Rises will be released in June, and it's already getting great reviews from people who have and have not read the first in the series, The Rest Falls Away.

Publishers Weekly
called it, among other lovely things, "A fast-paced carnival ride of a book."

So tell us who your auto-buys are (and flattery will get you everywhere with the Muse/News gals....) and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday! ( flattery won't get you that far!)


Eve Silver said...

Colleen, I have a ton of auto-buys, so I'll just name a randome few, otherwise this comment would go on for pages :)

Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, J R Ward, Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Tara Janzen, Jennifer Crusie, Suzanne Brockmann, Lisa Gardner, the authors over at, and of course the Muse/News girls.

Wendy Roberts said...

Well, I automatically by my friends' books :) and besides those, I will immediately pick up books by: Charlaine Harris, Janet Evanovich and Brenda Novak.

Alexandra said...

Kim Harrison (a new discovery for me) is now on my auto-buy list along with Alex Archer, Kristine Smith, and my usual horde of sf authors.

Cory said...

Christine Feehan and JK Rowling, definitely. It's looking as though you're being added to the list as well since I read The Rest Falls Away!

Fence said...

Terry Pratchett. Neil Gaiman. Kelley Armstrong. Susanna Clarke. Stephanie Meyer. And of course Colleen Gleason. Or at least as soon as I see one in the book shops I'll buy it :) Got my copy of The Rest Falls Away online.

meardaba said...

Like I said on your blog, I love me some YA and feminism. My auto buys are, therefore, definitely Kristopher Reisz, Robin McKinley, JK Rowling, Julie Anne Long, and Margaret Atwood.

I still haven't finished TRFA (hey, I've been busy!), so I can't quite, logically, honestly, add you to that list. Yet.

Ann Christopher said...

How much space do you have?

JK Rowling
JR Ward
Linda Howard
Sandra Brown

The Muse women's books, of course. ;)

And I just bought one today in one of my tri-weekly trips to Target, the root of all evil--Karen Robards' latest, OBSESSION.


jen said...

You are!
Angela Knight
Larrel K Hamilton
Dara Joy
Kaite Mckallister
Kelley Armstrong

Lois said...

Oh geez louise, I hate author lists like this because I'm always going to forget plenty!!! :(

However, doesn't mean I won't try. . . :)

Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Sabrina Jefferies, Anne Gracie, Anne Mallory, Mary Jo Putney, a few of you guys too. . . oh heck, just about anyone who rights Regency, they're there. Plus some others. After all, it can't be all Regency, all the time. LOL :)


traveler said...

Lisa Gardner,
Beverly Barton
Christina Dodd
Allison Brennan
Karen Rose
Dorothea Benton Frank
Emilie Richards
Monica Wood
Cathy Kelly

Anonymous said...

Kim Harrison
J R Ward
Linda Howard
Suzanne Brockmann
Sherrilyn Kenyon
L.A. Banks
Rosemary Rogers
Laurell K. Hamilton
Sandra Brown
Lee Child
Iris Johansen

Terri W.
Katie MacAlister

Sally MacKenzie said...

Hey, Colleen, I've been meaning to congratulate you on the GREAT PW review!! Yee haw, lady!

ellie said...

Patti Callahan Henry
Diana Gabaldon
Taylor holden
Laura Lippman
Audrey Howard
Denise Robertson

KimW said...

I've been trying to read new authors so what use to be a huge auto-buy list isn't quite so big anymore. I still haven't missed a Judith McNaught or Janelle Denison release.

principessa said...

Ellen Baker
Ami Mackay
Cassandra King, Jill Gregory, Samantha Graves

The Cosmic Kid said...

My list is short because I have to read the back cover of every book I buy, usually.

My auto-buy:
David Sedaris

Colleen Gleason said...

Thanks Sally! It was a great review and I couldn't be more delighted.

And a little tiny *squee* that some of you are looking forward to my next book. Thanks for playing and for stroking that fragile author ego!

You have until Wednesday, when I'll pick a winner!

Kailana said...

um, I really thought I commented here yesterday, but I don't see my post... Now I wonder what I did. Well, I said a lot, but I will just say that I have lost a lot of my auto buys. The books I used to love lost interest in many cases. I do normally buy Isabel Allende and James Rollins right away, but normally my auto buys are just the next book in a trilogy or series.

Anonymous said...

I have many on my auto-buy list... which is probably why I have no money in the bank, lol. Some on my list would be; Diana Palmer, Arianna Hart, Lora Leigh, Jade James, JJ Massa, Jaden Sinclair, Ann Cory, Bianca D'Arc, Annmarie McKenna...ugh, and I know I'm missing more ;) But, no matter what these authors write, I'll be buying.

Cherie J said...

My auto buys are: Christine Feehan, Robin Owens,Dee Henderson, and Colleen Coble.

Sue A. said...

My auto buys:
Linda Howard
Emma Holly
Susan Johnson
Theresa Weir