Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Earl is out!!

Yes, today is The Naked Earl's official release date. I hope you find the book, buy it, like it.

I find this time rather nerve wracking, a strain on my poor blood pressure. Some people will like the book--I hope!--but others will not. That's just the nature of writing for publication. Positive reviews are much pleasanter than negative ones--especially those of the scathing variety--but at the end of the day, a writer can't really be swayed by other people's opinions. (Well, unless the "other people" is her editor!)

So, I'm off to get started on the next book--well, the next after the next, since the next is already handed in. But first I have to answer a few questions lovely Miss Caroline has given me. She's been nagging me. Look for them shortly (I hope) on her site.


Kristina Cook said...

I'm SO excited to read it, Sally!!! I'm heading over to my local B&N later today to buy it!

jackietoo said...

I have never understood why someone would write a "scathing" review. Can't they tell what they didn't like about the book without being nasty?

And I'm not even an author!

Ann Christopher said...

WTG, Sally! I'm so excited for you--and anxious to read the book, of course!


Sally MacKenzie said...

Thanks, Kristi and Ann.

And yes, Jackietoo, I don't understand why some people need to be so negative in their reviews. Perhaps they think it's more entertaining to read? But then, I'm not a reviewer--and I do think reviewing is a skill. One I don't have, LOL.

Wendy Roberts said...

Enjoy and a big *phpt* :-P~~~ to anyone who dares write a bad review LOL. Haven't rec'd my copy yet but I'm anxiously waiting to read it!

Caroline Linden said...

The interview is up! Check it out:


Sally's still posing as a demure, innocent girl... But she has written one heck of a funny book.