Tuesday, January 16, 2007


In the spirit of breaking the ice, getting to know each other, and all that, I thought it would be fun if we talked about our furry, feathery, and/or scaly friends. Today we’re talking pets.

I’ll start. We have two cats: Hobbes, the gray one (named for the Hobbes from the hilarious but defunct cartoon, Calvin & Hobbes), and Versace. Versace (named, yes, for the designer) is actually my sister’s ex-cat, whom we acquired when her schedule got too demanding to give him all the kitty love he needed.

Hobbes is old. Fifteen to be exact. He’s been with me since my second year of law school. Though he was once over thirteen pounds, he’s lately begun to lose weight and has been diagnosed with diabetes, for which he takes insulin (I am not kidding you.) Likes: catnip, sunny spots, and any paper on which I am currently trying to write. Dislikes: Versace. Sort of.

Versace has beautiful blue eyes, is only about three, and is ENORMOUS, clocking in at a husky (okay, fat) sixteen pounds. The vet has pronounced that he needs to lose three pounds. Versace believes (and I blame my sister for this) that the water in the drinking bowl is for sloshing and splashing across the floor, while drinking water can only be found in … the toilet.

Hobbes and Versace have formed a fragile peace, which lasts as long as Hobbes gets to eat from the bowl first and Versace doesn’t get too rambunctious.

So that’s it for me. What about you? What kind of quirky pets let you live in the house with them?


Sally MacKenzie said...

I've got four sons....

Someone gave me a plant once. I did not want one more living thing to take care of.

But I like to look at pictures of pets.

Colleen Gleason said...

We have a fabulous German Shepherd Dog. She's the sweetest, kindest dog you've ever met.

Smart as all heck, too.

We live on a lake, and although she doesn't really like to swim (she rarely will go in the water, then only to her knees), she sits on the beach and watches us.

One day last summer we had a new babysitter who took the children swimming. Our Tilly, who as I said, never goes in the water past her knees, went in with the children and swam all the way out to the floating raft and hung out with them.

She was keeping an eye on them, and the "new" sitter.

Love her!

Wendy Roberts said...

We've got a White's Tree Frog named Skippy. He has a call that is so loud and deep it'll wake me out of a deep sleep in the middle even though he's in a kid's room at the other end of the hall. He's kind of cute but not when I have to run to pet store to buy him live crickets for his dinner *yuk*

principessa said...

MY DOG, A wonderful 5 year old Maltese, named Guido is a prince of a dog. We call him the aristocracy and he surveys his domain all day long on his perch at the window. He is a mellow and cute fellow.