Saturday, January 06, 2007

The First Time

Caroline and I are hashing out a workshop proposal. (I’m sure lovely Caroline has been rolling her eyes as I obsess over every word, but for the most part she respects her elders and has been very polite via email. Well, sort of polite....)

Anyway the workshop, if it happens, is on the publishing process, specifically the first book experience. So having that on my mind, I thought I’d tell you all a little secret. Shh. Come closer. I’ll whisper it in your ear...


Did I burst your eardrum? So sorry.

I remember when my first book came out back in February 2005. Usually authors get copies before the book is released, but that didn’t happen in my case. My first encounter with The Naked Duke came in the wild, in my friendly neighborhood Borders. There it was, red and wonderful, sitting on the shelf. Spine out, alas, but what did I care? My first book was in a bookstore!!

After I cut a caper (that’s Regency-speak for did a little happy dance), I hesitantly approached the bookseller and asked if I might sign their stock. I had to take a deep breath and my hand shook, but I tried to pen my name with appropriate writerly flourish.

So a big YEEHAW and congrats to Colleen. Enjoy every minute of your first time!


Colleen Gleason said...

LOL!! Thanks for outing me, Sally!

I made my husband drive me around to as many bookstores as we could last night so I could sign stock. What a way to spend a Friday, huh?

Actually, he loved it.

Caroline Linden said...

Ah, your first wonder your husband loved it, Colleen.

BTW, everyone, I have read this book of Colleen's, and it's wicked good.

The first time I saw MY first book in a bookstore, my son was with me. I pointed it out to him, and in a voice that would rival a foghorn, he yelled, "Hey Mom! That's YOUR book! Right there! Do you think all these people are here to buy it?" A little less subtle than Sally's experience, probably.

Kristina Cook said...

HUGE congrats to Colleen--yeah, there's nothing like the 'first time'!

I remember the first time I saw my first book, UNLACED, in the wild. I had both daughters with me, the smallest in a stroller, I think asleep at the time. Went to my local Barnes & Noble, and there it was, cover out--brink pink and easy to spot. My older daughter, who had just turned 5, screamed out, "Mom! There's your book!" (but no one was really around to hear). Pictures ensued, mostly of said daughter standing in front of it on the shelf. I didn't even have the guts at that point to ask the staff about signing it. I just slunk out. But I got over that initial shyness about asking really quick!

Eve Silver said...

Yay, Colleen! I remember my first sighting of my debut. I just stood there stroking the lovely hot-stamped foil title, LOL!

Sally MacKenzie said...

Ah, parents of little children. My "baby" is a senior in high school. His college application essay topic was how embarrassing it is to have a mother who writes "Naked" books.

He got into every college he applied to.

Wendy Roberts said...

I had to bribe my children with promises of their own books if they'd make a big deal about seeing mine. I'd been dragging them to the store daily for a week before it showed up so their enthusiasm had waned considerably LOL. It was still exciting.

Colleen, I confess to squealing with delight when I saw Rest Falls Away at my local store! The cover is gorgeous but the story, well, it took my breath away. Awesome!

Ann Christopher said...

Ummm, Caroline? Do you ever actually, you know, BUY books anymore? You seem to get your hands on more ARCs than I can shake a stick at.

Can you get me an ARC of J.R. Ward's LOVER REVEALED?

Just thought I'd ask...

First book sightings--I think I'll see RISK in stores pretty soon, and I've got this sort of sick/thrilled panicky thing going on. More thrilled than sick, though. :)

So glad we're finally blogging!


Caroline Linden said...

Well, Ann, what can I say? People just want to give me things.

I know you're just jealous.

But that reminds me: I have an ARC of RISK!!! And THE NAKED EARL!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Colleen Gleason said...

Thanks Wendy!

Kristina Cook said...

Hey, no fair! Sally's giving you an early peek at The Naked Earl?!


Sally MacKenzie said...

Only because Caroline said she'd do an author interview with me!