Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh the Horror

Yesterday when I dropped my children at school in the morning I encountered a cluster of little girls circled conspiratorially. Curious, I approached them and noticed that one was reading the newspaper to the others. I became nervous because, let’s face it, most of what’s in today’s paper is not suitable for eight year olds.

“Hey, what’s new in the news?” I bravely asked.
“We’re just reading our horror-scopes,” announced a wide-eyed brunette.

Further discussion ensued because I wanted to know if they actually believed what was written about those darn horror, I mean, horoscopes. The vote was about 50/50. They asked my opinion but, truthfully, I didn’t have one. Yes, I’ve successfully made it into my forties without giving much thought to the zodiac.

However, not to be outdone by a group of third graders, I tore out my horoscope for comparison at the end of the day. When reviewing yesterday's prediction with what actually happened, this is what I found:

A friend or acquaintance might really surprise you today: Hmm. Okay, well, I met a friend for coffee in the morning and she surprised me with some good news about her writing and then surprised me with more good news about someone else so, we’ll give that a check.

You might meet someone new who is unconventional or Bohemian. Now this would’ve been nice but it didn’t happen, so it gets an X.

You will find people interesting, although sometimes you’ve had enuff of interesting. Okay, I’m not even sure what this means because I like interesting people so I’m giving it an X.

On the Moon Alert, the moon is in Capricorn, we have the all-clear today to shop and make important decisions. Alright, I confess that I hate to shop but now I’m wondering if I should’ve done it yesterday rather than putting it off. Is it too late? Will something bad happen if I choose to shop today. Can my kids live without milk if I wait until tomorrow?

So how about you, do you horrorscope?


Sally MacKenzie said...

Does anyone but me think it's sad Wendy apparently equates "shop" with grocery shop?? And I HATE to shop, be it groceries or clothes. Book shopping--I like that, but now I have too many friends with books out. I can't buy them all--I'd break the bank. I do like to visit my pals' books in the bookstore, though.

No, I don't do horror-scopes.

Wendy Roberts said...

Grocery shopping is the worst form of shopping but book shopping is by far the best. Going into a mall almost immediately gives me headache.

Caroline Linden said...

It depends whose money I'm shopping with. And who I'm shopping for. Clothes for me, shoes for me, books for me, anything fun for my kids, something for my husband when I have an actual pre-approved make, model, and product number...I'm good to go.

Needless to say, grocery shopping is not my favorite (yet it seems I spend lots of time doing it).

My daughter asked me about horoscopes the other day. I did my best to explain, in a non-pejorative way, and at the end, she said, "That sounds pretty silly."

Ann Christopher said...

Yeah, the mall gives me a headache, too, but I'm at the grocery store and Target 2-3x/wk EACH. We go thru lots of produce, apparently.

Horrorscopes--used to read them years ago, but had to give it up when gloomy forecasts kept making me anxious. No superstition there, huh? :)