Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kristina's Top Ten...Beauty Products!

Since my earlier post was more of a PSA, I thought I'd pop in once more with a bit of entirely useless information. First, a confession....I am a GIRLY GIRL. Yes, I admit it...fairly high maintenance, meaning I don't usually leave my house without make-up applied and hair freshly washed. You can blame my Mom--maybe it's a southern thing, but she used to say things (actually, she still does...) like, "You're going out with no lipstick on?". Makeup, perfume, bath products, hair products....ask any of my friends about going into Sephora with me (hard to drag me out). Okay, so, without further adieu, Kristina's Top Ten Beauty Products, or, The Ones She Can't Live Without (in no particular order):

(oh, and you can click on the product name for more information--I've included links!)

1. Benefit Dandelion Powder. It's a blush. It's an all-over glow. Whatever the heck it is, I don't feel fully 'dressed' unless I've brushed some of this gloriously pink powder all over my face.

2. Tarte cheek stain--Flush. I'll never use regular blush again. Ever. This stuff goes on smooth, stays on all day, is nice and sheer, and the best part?! It *smells* delicious. Like rasperries. Love it!

3. Michael Kors HAWAII eau de parfum. This is my newest obsession. It doesn't even officially come out till Feb. 2007, but I scored some samples in the Michael Kors store a couple weeks ago--YUM. I am no longer happy unless I smell like HAWAII.

4. Eyelash Curler. Okay, this is *so* elementary that I hate to even mention it, but c'mon, why bother with mascara if you don't first curl those lashes?!

5. Sky High Curves Mascara--washable, very black. Speaking of mascara, I've been on a life-long mission to find the perfect mascara. This is it. And please, ladies, don't buy waterproof mascara. Ruins those lashes. I boo-hoo at movies, and this stuff doesn't run at all. Stays on till I take it off.

6. Olay Daily Facials cleansing cloths. How did I survive before this product came along?! I've no idea.

7. Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF 15--I like the tinted ones (hue #30G is my personal fave). The best lip balm ever! Great for times that I don't want to wear lipstick, but still want a little sheer color and gloss. And it's GREAT for chapped lips. Bonus: it smells really good.

8. Urban Decay Flavored Body Powder--Marshmallow. Okay, folks, get your minds out of the gutter! Yes, I know they call it 'flavored' body powder, so I suppose it is meant to be licked off one's person ,'s all sparkly and glittery and great for brushing across your collar bones and decolletage when you're all dolled up. Bonus: it smells delicious--like roasted marshmallows! Who could resist?!

9. Aquaphor. Discovered when I had babies with diaper rash. Still have a tub or two around at all times. The best stuff EVER for chapped skin, chapped lips, dry hands, etc. How *anyone* can survive without this stuff is beyond me.

10. Jergen's Natural Glow Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Self-tan without fear! At last. A must for me in the summertime. Use it every day, and you'll gradually darken your complexion bit by bit. No fake-orange looking skin, just a natural, healthy glow. I love this stuff!

Now tell me, is there any beauty product that you simply cannot live without?! Because I'm *always* on the look-out for the next best thing!


Wendy Roberts said...

I usually buy whatever's on sale. I have to admit though, these products sound divine!

Sally MacKenzie said...

Um, Kristi? I didn't even get to the flavored body part of it--why do they call it Urban Decay? Sounds like rotting corpses to me...

I'm afraid I'm on the other spectrum of "girliness"--I don't usually do make up. But rather than horrify you further, I will say that I'm into moisturizers because I have terribly dry skin, especially in winter. The Aveeno stuff is good. And the dermatologist put me onto Purpose "Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion" with SPF 15.

Colleen Gleason said...

What a great list, Kristie!

I never leave the house without lipstick either--however, I also don't necessarily have my hair washed and coiffed. As long as I wear lipstick, I'm happy, because I feel like I'm saying to the world: Yes, I look this way on purpose--it's the cazhhhh look! I'm wearing lipstick, so there!

Anyway, I'm going to try the mascara. I'd love to find a good one, and if this is it, yes!!

Now as for eyelash you use the heated ones? I tried them and didn't love them. What do you think?

Eve Silver said...

Okay, I have to admit, I'm definitely not a girly girl. I'd have a hard time coming up with three things on my beauty products list, never mind ten, LOL! But I love your list, and the sheer powder stuff sounds great.

I definitely agree with you about the Olay Daily Facial cleansing cloths. They are quick and easy (my main criteria). Most days, I moisturize and then I'm out the door.

Mascara??? I just bought one the other day after not buying one for three years...No, I didn't use the same mascara for three years (Ugggh! Can you imagine the bacteria growing in there?). I just didn't use mascara at all, and then I was in the pharmacy and remembered I didn't have any and I finally bought some.

Okay, I'm embarrassed now.

May said...

I prefer MAC's Lip Conditioner, though the pot's a pain--I am forever hunting for the lip brush since I think it's disgusting to stick your finger in again and again and again. It's always in my bag, together with Origins's Zero Oil. My skin won't listen to me when I tell it that I'm no longer a teen and that it can stop producing so much oil now.

My mom likes the Kiehl one though.

I like lipstick from Christian Dior--it's the only one reach enough that an application of lip balm isn't necessary underneath it.

I mostly don't do the eye thing because I wear glasses, so what's the point? And don't tell me about contacts--I'll just do LASIK or any of the new variations in a few years.

Kristina Cook said...

May, thanks for the tip on the Origin's Zero Oil--my face also thinks it's still a teenager's, and I'm always shiny a coule hours after putting on makeup. And I agree about Christian Dior lipstick--got hooked on it when I got married, and along with their eyeliner, it's not a permanent staple.

Colleen, as to heated eyelash curlers--a waste. All you have to do is blow your hairdryer on your regular, cheap eyelash curler for 30 seconds or so, let it cool slightly, and curl as normal. It really DOES make a difference.

And Eve, I SO agree about the Olay Facials cloths--I use them because they are SO easy. The best way to remove makeup at night, and cleanse and moisturize, all at once. Plus they're so portable--I always take a baggie of them with me when I travel.

Kristina Cook said...

Umm, that sentence above should read, "It's NOW a permanent staple." Sheesh, I can't type today.

May said...

*g* I read that sentence a few times, then decided it had to be a typo.

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