Saturday, June 09, 2007

Summer Insanity

So, the dear husband reminds me this morning that this is the last free Saturday we have for about six or seven weeks. Why, you ask? Because it's summer here and that means the summer swim season has begun. Time to break out the sunscreen and check the beach towel supply. (Since this kid swims year round, it's time for him to switch from clear to tinted goggles, I guess.)

This is our 18th summer season--if I did the math right and if you don't count the 10 years I spent as a swimmer in the same league. When we started, we had little kids--the oldest was 8. Now the baby is 17 and heading off to college. He's actually eligible to swim until he's 18, so it's possible he'll come back next year. I hope he does, if for no other reason than I like to know when it's really my last time through something.

What about you all? Does your life slow down in the summertime or does it just switch gears into some other craziness? Do you have something you do every summer or are you a totally free spirit?

Oh, and this weekend isn't really free--time trials, the "practice meet," is tomorrow.


Eve Silver said...

I don't think my life ever slows down, LOL! I just manage to cram more into the longer summer days.

Lois said...

Nope, since I haven't been in school for a while (long story as to why LOL) but summer is the same as fall as winter as spring. Just don't have to wear coats or anything. :)


Sally MacKenzie said...

We got through time trials--I got stuck officiating as a stroke and turn judge. Ugh.

Now that I think about it, Lois, I guess it's having kids in school that makes the summers seem different. We do swim team year round, but in the summer we have the community team as well as the year round team. And the kid is working instead of going to school, so that changes the rhythm of life. When all the kids are totally on their own, I guess summers won't be so different from the rest of the year.

Eve, I know you have kids--don't their schedules and activities change when school gets out?

Kristina Cook said...

Summer is like a walk in the park around here, compared to the school year! The biggest change is NO BIRTHDAY PARTIES, yay!! Usually, we have at least one party--sometimes three-every weekend. The kids are still too young for most summer programs--so it's a week of day camp here, another week there, and long, lazy days by the pool and relaxing weekends. I can't wait!!