Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Coldwater Creek vs. L.L. Bean

Back when my kids were in nursery school many, many moons ago, one of the other moms was quite taken aback to learn I was not into camping. Why would she think I'd want to forgo air conditioning and sleep on the hard ground? Because my wardrobe came from L. L. Bean.

I'm actually still a big fan of L.L. Bean. The clothes are predictable both in style and fit, and most of the pants come in medium tall and tall lengths. (The turtlenecks used to come in tall, too, but they seem to have discontinued that--another example of discriminating against people who have a few more vertical inches than the norm, sigh.) Plus I can shop on line or over the phone which is a very good thing as the women's sections in department stores cause my blood pressure to rise. They are large, sometimes not even on the same floor, and seem to be organized by label/designer/company, which is fine, I guess, if you know your Dockers from your Alfred Dunners. (I did have a kind of Dockers pants that I liked, but I think they discontinued that style.)

I have recently found a store I can manage, however--Coldwater Creek. Their pants aren't quite long enough, but I love their flowing, long skirts--they are fun to wear. I was there yesterday and found a number of interesting things. Regrettably I had an appointment, so I couldn't try stuff on. Maybe I'll make it back later this week.

So, what's your favorite women's clothing line or shop? I'm especially interested if you're a bit taller than average, but feel free to share even if you are well, um, short.


Monica k said...

LOL, I defintiely fall in the um short range, but the jeans that are amazing on anyone are definitely Levi's ! You can get them in short, medium, or tall, all sorts of fits, colors, etc and they make you feel sexxy !
Anyone can look good in a pair of Levi's and use your shirt and boots, belt ,etc to dress them up or down! I don't know about where ya'll come from but Levi's definitely turn a guys head ! Have a great day !

Wendy Roberts said...

I am kind of the opposite to being "taller than average" lol and I'm still struggling with finding pants that fit. Petites are too shorts. Regular sizes need to be hemmed and trying on jeans makes me break out in a sweat :/

Sally MacKenzie said...

Ooo, Monica, great tip! I'll definitely have to check out Levis--I used to wear them years ago and I've bought them for my sons. But here's my thing with jeans--I get SO bewildered by all the choices. Isn't Levis the brand that has the different numbers to designate different, well, I'm not sure what--different cuts, different fabrics? And here's my other nasty secret--ever since a certain birthday, I've gravitated to comfort waist pants. Urgh.

I did have a friend tell me she'd found some great jeans that dealt with some of the unfortunate effects of aging, but when I heard the price, the name of the jeans went right out of my head.

Wendy, why can't women's pants be more like men's? Let's riot to get manufacturers to make women's pants by waist size and inseam size like they do for men!

Lois said...

Ah well, I don't really have a problem with the tall/short stuff. I'm tall, but not unusual. . . my thing is wideness. LOL And well, heck, enough said there. :)

But I find sizes incredible. . . and it's one thing in a store that has many name brands. But this one store that we used to go to where they were their own name. While most of the time I could get the same size, I still would have to try everything on to make sure, because not everything in that size would fit. Sometimes I could go down or have to go up. Now that was sad -- you'd think everything there would be the same. Nooooooo.

Anyway, I digress. . . ;)

Oh, and I've been in Coldwater Creek once or twice, but I don't think I've ever been in an LL Bean store. . . I don't think there is even one around here. LOL CC has nice stuff, but too pricey for us. LOL :)


Sally MacKenzie said...

Lois, I hear you on having to try stuff on. I find it also depends on cut. For example, A-line skirts are good for me; more narrowly cut skirts run into hip issues.

In the last few years, two L.L. Bean stores have come to my general area--a bummer, since now I have to pay sales tax on the stuff I mail order AND since the stores don't carry tall sizes, I still do have to mail order. (And I'm only 5'8"--not exactly a giant.)

As to price, well, it helps if you only buy new clothes once every decade or so. When I find something I like, I wear it all the time. I don't mind if people have seen it before. Maybe it comes from my years of wearing uniforms to school, LOL.

Kristina Cook said...

J. Jill!! That's pretty much ALL I wear these days. They started off as an online catalog, but now there are stores, too, including the mall near me (a relative term here in NYC--the 'nearest' mall is in White Plains, about 25 min. away!). Most of their stuff comes in petites and talls, too, and it's clothing designed for real women--not 'juniors'. Always comfy, always flattering, and VERY well made. I've now gotten all my friends addicted to J. Jill. I swear, I'm a little embarrassed every time I walk into the store, because generally I'm dressed from head to toe in their clothes!

Oh, never pay full price--their stuff ALWAYS goes on sale if you wait a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I don't know if you know this already, but Coldwater Creek has tall (or LONG as it's called there, as well as petite) sizes on their website. Also, if you go into the store and order in there, you don't have to pay shipping charges and it comes directly to your house. If they have your email address on file, they will send you codes for 25-70 percent off everything on their website, even the outlet or clearance stuff! If you order something, and don't like it, you can also return it to the store with no hassle. Most of the items in the store will also go on sale as well. Another tip, if you like the long skirts, but don't want them to be sooooo long, get the same size in petite. The petite size fits the same as the regular size everywhere but the length. So a skirt will be the same, but 3 inches shorter. The shirts and jackets will be shorter in the torso and sleeves, but fit the exact same everywhere else!