Monday, June 11, 2007


This weekend I watched one of my all-time favorite movies, TLOTM.

I cannot possibly tell you how much I love this movie.

I love the non-stop action and constant danger.

I love the breathtaking scenery.

I love the haunting, beautiful soundtrack.

Most of all, I love the love story between Daniel Day-Lewis’ Nathaniel and Madeleine Stowe’s Cora, and I submit to you that three of the sexiest non-sex scenes ever shot in moviedom are in this movie:

1. The Stare.

Cora: “What are you looking at, sir?”

Nathaniel: “I’m looking at you, miss.”

I just get shivers every time I see this scene, and I think it’s because of the unspoken subtext:

Nathaniel: You know you’re mine now, right?

Cora: Absolutely.

2. The kiss.

No words in this scene. Just music and scorching heat as Nathaniel looks for, then finds, Cora—and kisses her. This scene, I think, is all about Cora’s sexual awakening, and I love it.

3. Stay alive.

I just love the passion and desperation in this scene when Nathaniel is forced to leave Cora in the hands of their enemies. He’s taking a calculated risk with the life of the woman he loves, and he swears he’ll come back for her, no matter how long it takes, if she’ll only stay alive. Cora’s only thought is for Nathaniel to save himself.

Shivers, I tell you. This movie gives me shivers.

What about you? Does anyone out there love this movie as much as I do?


Kristina Cook said...

I'm almost afraid to publicly admit this...but I'm the odd romance lover who HATED this movie. (ducking as tomatoes are thrown my way!) I think part of it was the unrelenting violence--part of the reason I also hated Braveheart--but mostly I think it was the lead actors. I didn't like either of them in their roles, and...I don't just seemed somehow 'overacted' to me or something. I know many women who swoon at the "I will find you" line--but it just makes me giggle. The cinematography WAS fabulous, though, as was the score!

I know I'm in the minority when it comes to this movie, because most people I know loved it...

Ann Christopher said...

Kristina! Such sacrilege! How do I delete your comment ... ?

Dena said...

Hi Ann, I LOVE it just as much if not more too!! How dare you giggle Kristina at that,and you are a romance writer?lol. Whenever I watch it I cry when his brother dies fighting to save Cora's sister. There was some longing stares between them too and had they lived I'm sure they would have been together.

Zeek said...

love this movie! I watched it on VHS so many times it wore out my tape.

Oh and the soundtrack is fantastic too!

The kiss and the stay alive scene! :::swoon:::

When she tells him how blood stirring it is to be out on the frontier, she rolls over, and he glances down her body. ::shiver::

I also love the scenes where he's running to get her- both at the ambush and when he's coming to get her up the mountain. ::grrrr, lemme at 'im::

Yeah, i love this movie too.

pidjun said...

I Love this movie especially the end when the theme song is playing and one of the mohikans is killed . Then the sister throws herself off the cliff . the music is so haunting and it just builds up. awesome!!!!!!

Sasha Orme said...

I watched this movie for the first time today as I attempted to clean my kitchen, thinking "I've never seen this one before..."

...and I ended up forgetting all about cleaning. It was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. I felt emotion well up in me as Nathaniel's brother died trying to save Cora's sister, and I suddenly felt eh emotion of the entire film.

It is amazing. I can't wait to see There Will Be Blood and experience more of Daniel Day-Lewis's magic.