Friday, June 22, 2007

Alpha or Beta

No, I’m not talking romance heroes. I’m talking mothers.

This morning on Today, I learned that there are two types of mothers: alpha and beta. Apparently, alpha moms are perfectionists and beta moms are, well, slackers.

So, which am I? Having given this some serious thought, I’ve decided I am an alpha mom with serious beta tendencies.

Or … maybe a beta mom with alpha tendencies.

I guess that makes me … a hybrid mom. Yeah, that’s it.

I can’t get rid of the alpha tendencies. It’s the lingering Type A/lawyer in me. I want the house to be clean, the homework to be done, and the kids to be outstanding and happy in all their endeavors.

On the other hand, I now think a layer of dust in a house is, well, charming, and if the kids hit each other now and then (or a dozen times a day) is that really a sign that they’re future felons? I don’t think so.

So, yeah, I’m a hybrid mom. And I think I’m comfortable with that. What about you? What kind of mom are you?


Caroline Linden said...

I'm beta all the way! I think we have dust--it's probably underneath all the dog hair and toys and random garbage my kids track/carry into the house.

The thing is, I could spend all day, every day cleaning up after animals and people, wind up a bitter resentful person, and the house would STILL not be clean. So I just choose to go with the flow, comfort myself that at least everyone is healthy and well-fed even if there is no way you could eat off the kitchen floor (mostly because the dog would get it first).

Caroline, one happy slacker

Sally MacKenzie said...

I'm definitely beta in the cleaning side of things. The health department would close me down if they ever came to inspect my house. But in the actual parenting duties...hmm. I'm afraid I have a definite alpha streak. I'm musing on this as my kids become adults and I no longer have any control over them. I'm practicing biting my tongue and smiling--and really letting go.

Wendy Roberts said...

Yeah, I'm a hybrid too :) Definitely beta with housework and alpha with the kids ha ha. Great post!

Eve Silver / Eve Kenin said...

I'm a hybrid. Beta all the way with the house cleaning. My house is never tidy. There are clothes, shoes, bookbags, laptops, video game consoles and a variety of pets everywhere. Baskets of clean folded laundry sit around for eternity, or until all the clean stuff is pulled out one item at a time and finally added to the dirty pile.

Alpha when it comes to supporting the kids...ever since they were small I've sat beside them and tutored them in any subject they were having trouble with.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I almost said I was a beta with alpha tendencies, but those alpha tendencies get fewer and farther between the older I get. (and the older my daughter gets.)